Briefly Describe the Current Corona Crisis and Its Challenges from an Economic Point of View: Economics Assignment, BUAS, Netherlands

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Assignment Details:

The current world health situation around the Coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on people’s lives that few could have foreseen a few weeks ago. Its impact has also clearly extended into the economic sector. Your individual assignment consists of writing an individual paper of 2000-2500 words that:

1. Briefly describe the current Corona crisis and its challenges from an economic point of view;

2. (Micro level) Reflect on the implications it is likely having for a small company in the tourism/transport/hospitality sector OR digital marketing & communications sector OR Human resources management sector [choose one sector only!]?

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3. What are the main problems they are likely to face in the short-run and the near future? What actions could they implement themselves to overcome these challenges?

4. (Macro level) If you were an economic advisor/consultant, what economic policy recommendations would you give to the Government (whether regarding households, firms, or the entire economy)? What would you advise them to do or not, and why?

5. Would a neoclassical economist and a Keynesian economist agree with you/these recommendations?

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Looking for Plagiarism free Answers for your US, UK, Singapore college/ university Assignments.

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