Business law assignment writing for Imran who runs an accountancy firm

Imran runs an accountancy firm and specialises in giving investment advice. Lisa makes an appointment with Imran to discuss making an investment in a new company involved in oil and gas. Imran advises her that information in the market suggests that the company is safe and a good investment. Lisa is worried about the risks and benefits involved in investing in the company, but Imran tells her that “there are no risks- I have been providing specialist business advice like this for 20 years and I’m the best in the business. You will make a large amount of money if you follow my advice”.

Lisa invest RM200,000 in the oil and gas company. However, two weeks later the oil and gas company goes into liquidation and Lisa finds out that she has lost all her money. Lisa is very upset and seeks your advice.

Advice Lisa on whether Imran was negligent in giving her the advice.

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