BUSN732: Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) and Make Notes on the pros and cons of Pension Adoption: Business Communication Report, CC, Canada

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University Centennial College (CC) Canada
Subject BUSN732: Business Communication

you are asked to read the five assigned articles on the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) and make notes on the pros and cons of pension adoption discussed in each article. Then, you will use your notes to create a short semi-formal report in which you briefly discuss the topic at hand, evaluate the pro and con arguments, and provide recommendations.


  1. Read the following five articles:

I. CPP premium jump will push some to the brink, CFIB warns


ii. January 1 CPP hikes to hit employers’ payroll budgets, cut take-home wages for workers; CPP premiums to rise by up to 9.3 percent in 2021


iii. The CPP premium hike for 2021 looks bad, but it will do a lot of good: The reason we have the CPP is to provide a reliable base of retirement income for people who may, for reasons like the pandemic, not be able to save enough for retirement on their own


iv. Expanding CPP most effective means of pension reform: report


v. Five Myths Behind the Push to Expand the Canada Pension Plan

five-myths-behind-the-push-to-expand-the-CPP-brochure.pdf (fraserinstitute.org)

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Looking for Plagiarism free Answers for your US, UK, Singapore college/ university Assignments.

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