The IB Learner Profile Describes 10 Attributes that are Valued by the IB and Can help Individuals: Integrated Business Planning Assignment, CC, Canada

Assignment Details:The IB Learner Profile describes 10 attributes that are valued by the IB and can help individuals and groups work towards the aim of the IB programme, which is "to develop inter
| 21st Nov 2020

You are Required to Create an Elevator Pitch based on Your Business Idea: Business Planning Assignment, CCT, Ireland

Core Concept – Business PlanBased on the modules covered throughout the program, and your learning experiences, you are required to draft a business plan for a business of your choosing. This co
| 20th Nov 2020

Fifty Years Ago, Milton Friedman Wrote His Influential Article: Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Term I Assignment, CU, UK

AssessmentCoursework:Write a 3000-word essay on:Fifty years ago, Milton Friedman wrote his influential article ‘The Social Responsibility of Business Is to Increase Its Profits’.ct
| 18th Nov 2020

BBRC4103: The First Stage of Research is to Identify Problems or Issues in Business and Management: Research Methodology Assignment, OUM, Malaysia

TASK 1PURPOSEThe purpose of this assignment is to develop a learner’s ability to write a problem statement based on actual facts and figures and to formulate the research questions and objec
| 10th Nov 2020

MOD003353: Organisations Cannot be Seen as Independent of Their Environment. The Environment is the Source: Business Environment Assignment, ARU, UK

ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONSYou are required to produce a 2,500-word report that looks to satisfy three tasks.INTRODUCTION“Organisations cannot be seen as independent of their environment. Th
| 10th Nov 2020

Discuss in Detail Any Four (4 No.) of International Business Risks – Esure that Risks are not Similar: International Business Assignment, CCT, Ireland

Assignment Brief:TOP 10 business risks by Forbes TOP 10 business risks by EYWeak economies Pricing pressureRegulatory risks Cost-cutting and profit pressureIncreasing co
| 10th Nov 2020

Is Child Labour a Thing of the Past or a Very Real Global Plague: Ethics Coursework, TCD, Ireland

Question 1Is child labour a thing of the past or a very real global plague? Discuss the ethical issues regarding the use of child labour. Illustrate your answer with two detailed examples.Ques
| 5th Nov 2020

We Produce a Range of Award-winning Cheese on the Family Farm, BóRuaFarm: Micro Business Assignment, UCC, Ireland

Assignment DetailsThis is an individual assignment. Please write a report based on the Micro Business Case Study that you have been supplied with, the theory discussed in class, and the report you
| 31st Oct 2020

You are Working as a Senior Manager in a Small or Medium-sized Organization: International Business Strategy Assignment, UoC, Canada

IntroductionThis unit is aimed at developing learners’ critical analysis of corporate strategy and the role of supply chains in a global context. It explores how functional strategies are integr
| 30th Oct 2020

Identify and Develop a Viable and Substantial Research Topic for Sustained Individual Study: Research Methods for Business Assignment, UoD, UK

Assignment 1 BriefIndividual Presentation (with Commentary of 1000 words)Present a viable and substantial research topic in your pathway area with an appropriate plan for delivery. Your exten
| 29th Oct 2020

The Law of Defamation in Ireland is Governed by European Law: Business And Legal Aspects Of TV Production Assignment, UCC, Ireland

QUESTIONThe law of defamation in Ireland is governed by European law, the Constitution, common law, and the Defamation Act 2009. The Defamation Act 2009 which repeals the Defamation Act 1961, and
| 18th Sep 2020

BUSN 1330: John and Jane Doe are Newlyweds with Executive Track Careers at ACME: Business Mathematics Assignment, DC, Canada

Project DetailsJohn and Jane Doe are newlyweds with executive track careers at ACME Gadget Company. In five years, the Does would like to have a family, envisioning two young children, Jack and Ji
| 3rd Sep 2020

B218: HappyNow is a Start-up Food and Beverage Company in Singapore: Business Statistics Essay, RP, Singapore

SECTION A HappyNow is a start-up food and beverage company in Singapore. It plans to launch new ice-cream flavors for the Singapore market. To ensure the success of the product launch, it is engaging
| 25th Jul 2020

Unit 11: Consider that You have Recently been Appointed as a Business Researcher: Research Project Assignment, KU, UK

Scenario Consider that you have recently been appointed as a business researcher. You are required to fulfil the following activities in a research report format which also includes a personal reflec
| 25th Jul 2020

You Need to Carry Out a Piece of Primary Research on the Subject of Equality and Diversity in the Workplace: Pearson HND in Business Assignment, PC, UK

Scenario You need to carry out a piece of primary research on the subject of equality and diversity in the workplace. Equality in this context means ensuring that everybody has the same access to the
| 24th Jul 2020

Unit 2 Managing Financial Resources & Decisions

Introduction This unit is designed to give learners a broad understanding of the sources and availability of finance for a business organization. Learners will learn how to evaluate these different s
| 13th Jun 2020
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