MIS200: Choose any UM-based Company Critically review its Current Business Operations and identify any Problem it might face Currently: Management Information System Assignment, ADU

Group Project Guidelines1. Choose any UM-based company.2. Critically review its current business operations and identify any problem it might face currently.3. Suggest a technological solu
| 13th Feb 2021

Choose a Research Area and Introduce the Business problem or Opportunity within that area with Supporting Data and Trends: Business research method Assignment, UOT, Canada

Business Research Method AssignmentScenarioThere is no scenario for this assignment. Instead, you must propose an independent, small-scale research proposal about an area of interest to you wi
| 3rd Feb 2021

Digital Bank of Singapore (DBS) is a private bank that provides investment Advisory and Wealth Management Solutions: Bachelor of Business (Majoring in Banking and Finance) Assignment, JCU, Singapore

Assignment Brief:Digital Bank of Singapore (DBS) is a private bank that provides investment advisory and wealth management solutions. It is headquartered in Singapore but has offices in Australia
| 3rd Feb 2021

Build a Business plan/Report in the Format that Includes the Below table of Contents, Business /Industry Overview: Business Report, OC, Canada

Build a Business Plan/ ReportBuild a business plan/report in the format that includes the below table of contentsExecutive Summary Business /Industry Overview Products/Services Descrip
| 3rd Feb 2021

You will Need to Develop a Presentation in Groups of 3, 4 or 5, that Clearly Expresses your ideas: Innovation and Entrepreunership Assignment, UoE, UK

Assignment 1 – Group PresentationYou will need to develop a presentation in groups of 3, 4 or 5, that clearly expresses your ideas at a formal exhibition of business ideas in the context of beco
| 3rd Feb 2021

In the Financial year 2018–19, Australia Generated $60.8 Billion in Direct Tourism gross Domestic Product (GDP): Global Hospitality & Tourism Issues Coursework, ARU, UK

Case Study:In the financial year 2018–19, Australia generated $60.8 billion in direct tourism gross domestic product (GDP). This represents a growth of 3.5 per cent over the previous year –fas
| 3rd Feb 2021

UGB264: Knowledge K1 The Ability to Identify key Challenges Relating to Business Responsibility: Business Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability Assignment, UoS, UK

Learning outcomesKnowledgeUpon successful completion of this module, students will have demonstrated: Knowledge K1 The ability to identify key challenges relating to business responsibility an
| 30th Jan 2021

Student is Required to Approach an Existing Business and Analyse the Business Based on few Criteria Listed Below: Entrepreneurship Case Study, SC, Malaysia

Question:This is an individual assignment, which consists of TWO major components. For the first component, the student is required to approach an existing business (micro/small enterprise) and an
| 28th Jan 2021

SIM335: AMEC Marine Construction(AMEC) is an International Marine Construction Company with Shipyards: Managing Projects Assignment, UoS, Uk

This is an individual assignment - complete both Tasks 1 and 2Background: The assignment is intended to bring out the benefits and limitations of the four stages of the project life cycle with dif
| 23rd Jan 2021

Describe Healthy and Unhealthy Stress Is all stress unhealthy: Office Administration Assignment, OC, Canada

Assignment Brief:Describe healthy and unhealthy stress. Is all stress unhealthy? Explain the difference between unhealthy stress and healthy stress. Include examples of both. Include also a discus
| 20th Jan 2021

Business Ethics is the Attitude and Ways in Which a Business is Formed: Diploma in Business and Management Assignment, UO, UK

Business Ethics Different ethical perspectives in businessBusiness ethics is the attitude and ways in which a business is formed and the way in which a business deal with the world. Many business
| 13th Jan 2021

Demonstrate Your Understanding and Application of a Sustainable Approach to Business Management: Foundation of Business Management Report, UOL, UK

Write a formal report demonstrate your understanding and application of a sustainable approach to Business Management, including strategic planning and CSR challenges.Additionally, write a reflect
| 24th Dec 2020

Your Firm Intends to Launch a Newly Regulated Product. Your Head of Compliance Asks: Regulatory Compliance Cohort 4 Assignment, ICA, Singapore

Core Module 1 – Regulatory ComplianceQuestion 1.Your firm intends to launch a newly regulated product. Your head of compliance asks you to identify the MAS requirements for the assessment of
| 15th Dec 2020

BUST10133: Explain Why Finding an Equilibrium Distribution might Help One to Analyse: Decision Analytics Assignment, UoE, UK

SECTION AQuestion 1.Explain why finding an equilibrium distribution might help one to analyse a Markov chain model?Consider the following Markov chain model of an internet retailer’s m
| 15th Dec 2020

Select a Live Business of Your Choice Whether It be a Small, Large, Family Business: Entrepreneurship Report, OU, UK

Assignment QuestionSelect a live business of your choice whether it be a small, large, family business, or a social enterprise, and then critically discuss its contribution to the economy and soci
| 30th Nov 2020

The IB Learner Profile Describes 10 Attributes that are Valued by the IB and Can help Individuals: Integrated Business Planning Assignment, CC, Canada

Assignment Details:The IB Learner Profile describes 10 attributes that are valued by the IB and can help individuals and groups work towards the aim of the IB programme, which is "to develop inter
| 21st Nov 2020
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