Design a REST API Prototype Using Covid19 Data Using Node js, Express, MongoDB: Web and Mobile Development Coursework, NU, UK

Design a REST API prototype using Covid19 data using node js, express, MongoDB, and mongoose for the given CSV data having the following field.React must be used for the user interface.count
| 16th Jan 2021

You are Given a Copy of a computer Hard Drive in VM dk Format and a Mobile Phone Disk Image in dd Format: Digital Forensics Case Study, UOB, UK

SummaryYou are given a copy of a computer hard drive in VM dk format and a Mobile Phone Disk image in dd format. You are also given some other relevant files and information. You will have to exam
| 12th Jan 2021

Concepts of BCD (binary coded decimal) and 7 Segment Display from Their Digital Electronics Fundamentals.: Lab Electrical Engineering Assignment, UPN, Malaysia

REQUIREMENTS:Students must have prior knowledge of the concepts of BCD (binary coded decimal) and 7 segment display from their digital electronics fundamentals. They also need to install a version
| 5th Jan 2021

CC5005: New Developments In Digital Crimes And the Challenges : COMPUTER FORENSICS Coursework, LMU, UK

Assignment Brief:This technical report should be the culmination of good literature review work carried out through using a wide mix of sources: lecture slides, textbooks, industrial standards and
| 23rd Dec 2020

CS241-15: Write a Technical Report About the Network layer and Data Link layer in the Open System Interconnection: Network and Operating systems Coursework, UOW, UK

Task Description Write a technical report about the Network layer and Data Link layer in the Open System Interconnection (OSI) model, which should be the culmination of good literature search work ca
| 9th Dec 2020

Kaplan has Engaged You to Design and Implement an Office Network: IT Assignment, NUS, Singapore

Assignment Details and Requirements:Case Study:Kaplan has engaged you to design and implement an office network for a new office comprising HR executives (4), sales consultants (6), and Accoun
| 21st Nov 2020

SYST 26671: On the 8086 Processor Suppose Register CS Contains 7C09h and IP Contains 0202h: Computer Architecture Assignment, SC, Canada

Questions1. On the 8086 processor suppose register CS contains 7C09h and IP contains 0202h. Give the 20-bit effective address of the instruction to be fetched. Show your work and final answer belo
| 18th Nov 2020

CP70044E: A UK-wide Enterprise in Taxation Management with Its Head Office in Leatherhead SURREY: Security Operations & Assurance Assignment, UWL, UK

Assignment 1:Wireshark has two ways of filtering traffic, and (unfortunately) two different languages for specifying the filters. One language and GUI element specify which captured packets to dis
| 11th Nov 2020

COMP 155: Design a Small Java Program Simulating the Consumption of Gas Mileage: Computer Programming Visual Basic Assignment, SK, Canada

Brief:In this individual project, you are going to design a small Java program simulating the consumption of gas mileage of an automobile during road trips under various scenarios;7 Factors yo
| 3rd Nov 2020

COMP6239: The “Whitechapel Vehicle Rental Service (WVRS)” Provides the Different Types of Vehicles: Mobile Applications Development Assignment, UoS, UK

ObjectiveThis coursework is designed to demonstrate the broad understanding knowledge of the module, assessing and evaluating the strength and level of analysis of student, divided into four learn
| 30th Oct 2020

COSC 3360: Implement a Program to Synchronize, with Unix/Linux Pipes, Concurrent Processes: Operating Systems Assignment, UH, US

ObjectivesThis assignment will help you understand several basic UNIX/Linux primitives, implemented at the process management layer of an operating system, such as fork(), pipe(), and execv() as w
| 27th Oct 2020

LD7082: The Cottonwood Hill Library has been Serving the Local Community for Over a Decade: Computer Networks & Security Assignment, NU, UK

Learning Outcomes Assessed in this assessmentThis assignment will assess the following learning outcomes:1. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding and critical evaluation of essential netwo
| 18th Sep 2020

Use an Example to Explain the Relationship between Knowledge and Symbol Structures: Artificial Intelligence Assignment, UMP, Malaysia

Question 1:Use an example to explain the relationship between knowledge and symbol structures? What is meant by a knowledge representation language? List and briefly explain the general re
| 9th Sep 2020

Cloud Computing is Known to be One of the Unique Features in Establishing Data Mobility: Cloud Computing Coursework, CU, UK

Assignment Scenario: Cloud computing is known to be one of the unique features in establishing data mobility, the benefit of this technology is hard to resist to any company including home and person
| 7th Sep 2020

4006CEM: Conduct a Software Development Project to Fulfill the ‘Resit Project Brief’: Computer Science Activity Led Learning Project 1 Assignment, CU, UK

Module Learning Outcomes Assessed: B1: COMPUTATION THINKING:Develop and understand algorithms to solve problems; measure and optimize algorithm complexity; appreciate the limits of what may be do
| 24th Aug 2020

4002CEM: Find the Truth Value of ((¬ P /\ Q) ⇒ (R ⇔ ¬ Q)) \/ S if P is true: Mathematics for Computer Science Assignment, CU, UK

Assignment Brief:Find the truth value of ((¬ P /\ Q) ⇒ (R ⇔ ¬ Q)) \/ S if P is true, Q is true, R is false, and S is true. What is the truth value for the expression if the brackets are om
| 24th Aug 2020

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