Meet Current IT Needs By Local Photography Studio

You have been contracted by a local photography studio to set up a server that will meet their current IT needs. Their primary concern is that they wish to create a network share so that works of all
| 7th Jun 2018

MN603 Design and implementation of secure enterprise wireless network

Assignment DescriptionEnterprise wireless LAN deployments have skyrocketed in recent years, evolving from guest access in conference rooms, to limited hot zones of connectivity within the enterprise
| 28th May 2018

PRG31AI C# programming assignment

of Pong. SeeThe game should be implemented in two parts: a socket server, and a socket client. You can make use of either a synchronous or asynchronous communication.Basic Server specification
| 28th May 2018

CSI3207/CSI5212 Network Security Fundamentals- Edith Cowan University

Part 1 (Network Design):‘Lucent Pharma’ is a pharmaceutical firm based in Perth and has two offices in two different suburbs. The firm’s current network topology was deployed in haste and as
| 25th May 2018

ISCG6402 Network Administration and Support

Redundancy in Client / Server NetworksServices redundancy and fault tolerance are important issues in any network environment. Discuss the general concepts of redundancy in Client / Server environ
| 11th May 2018

Southern Cross University- Data Communications and Networks

Objective:   By completing this assignment, students will be demonstrating their knowledge and skills leant from week 1-6 that include:IP address planning1  Problem Context is a so
| 3rd May 2018

Data Analysis for Accounting Students in Malaysia

Part 1 (1000 words)You have access to three files in the assessment area on Canvas. One is a text file (COURSEWORK FILE 1.txt) which contains sales transactions from 20 stores (this is an enormous f
| 25th Apr 2018

Cyber Crime Malware and Reverse Engineering Assessment

IntroductionThe aim of this assessment is to analyze a given sample of malware, using static and dynamic analysis and reverse engineering.Static and dynamic analysis (20%)  You must use your ex
| 24th Apr 2018

create a java program that will count all words in a sentence. the program should have a minimum of two classes.

QUESTION ONE (40 MARKS)1. Create a java program that will count all words in a sentence. The program should have a minimum of two classes.1.1 The first class should be named class1, this class
| 14th Apr 2018

what is the distinction between a process-oriented and a structure-oriented design rationale technique?

QUESTIONS (90 MARKS)QUESTION ONE (30 MARKS)1.1 Discuss the ways in which a full-page word processor is or is not a direct manipulation interface for editing a document using Shneiderman’s criter
| 13th Apr 2018

Data Communications and Network

Data Communications and Network
Assignments must be submitted electronically to MDIS Blackboard. Printed copy must be submitted on the due date.Q1 Analyze subnetting system and based on the information in the graphic shown, desi
| 21st Feb 2018

Research in Computing – Infrastructure

Create a simple and innovative thesis proposal on the basis of research question given below-In this module, learners acquire the fundamental computing research skills in a defined specialisation ar
| 5th Feb 2018

Introduction to Multimedia and the Internet

Assignment Details and Requirements: Multimedia and the InternetYou have been given the task of creating a website that will demonstrate your web design capabilities. You can choose any one topic fr
| 24th Jun 2016

Derive (i.e. prove) Boole’s rule by making use of a Lagrange polynomial of order 4

This assignment will give you practice at numerical integration principles and techniques as well as numerically solving coupled systems of differential equations and higher order differential equatio
| 6th May 2016

Critique a selection of recent peer-reviewed conference papers on an IT topic

TASK: Critique a selection of recent peer-reviewed conference papers and journalarticles (at least five of each) related to a specific IT research area (e.g. networksecurity). Include an annotated
| 3rd Mar 2016
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