You have been Hired to Advise the Executive team of a Construction and Engineering Firm on risk Matters, Finance Assignment, SUSS, Singapore

Question 1 You have been hired to advise the executive team of a construction and engineering firm on risk matters. On the first week of work, you had to answer a broad range of questions on risk mana
| 9th Apr 2021

FN7020: Demonstrate Systematic knowledge of Capital Market Securities: International Finance and Securities Essay, UoEL, UK

Learning Outcomes Evidenced by this assignment: Demonstrate systematic knowledge of Capital Market Securities and the function of Stock exchanges. Understand the role of other financial securi
| 25th Mar 2021

151030034: Investigate and Compare two Different Companies’ Strategic Financial Policy Decisions:Corporate Finance Report, UoL, UK

Assignment Brief:Investigate and compare two different companies’ strategic financial policy decisions (capital structure /dividend policy) based on the most recent 3 years annual report. Discus
| 13th Feb 2021

989N1: What About the Conflict Between Economics and Management Science: Research Methods for Accounting and Finance Research Proposal, UOS, UK

Assignment Brief The objectives of the course to learn how to read published articles in the field to learn general skills of writing your dissertation to learn how to solve real-life
| 13th Feb 2021

BBPW3203: Choose Any two Companies listed in the Telecommunications: Financial Management II Assignment, OUM, Malaysia

PURPOSEThe purpose of this assignment is to enhance learners’ ability to evaluate companies’ dividend policies.REQUIREMENTChoose any TWO companies listed in the telecommunications and
| 9th Jan 2021

Grand Co. has an Equity Market Value Today of $965mm and $425mm: Finance Assignment, CU, Canada

Question I Grand Co. has an equity market value today of $965mm and $425mm in net debt. A private equity firm, BBM, decides to purchase Grand Co. at a 25% premium to the current stock price using
| 2nd Dec 2020

You are a Junior Consultant Working for an International Investment Organisation: International Trade & Finance Investment Assignment, UWL, UK

IntroductionWe have introduced UWLFlex – our new, online, flexible learning platform. UWLFlex has been designed to complement face-to-face learning and build on our reputation for excellence in
| 1st Dec 2020

Evaluation of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) from Both a Country-specific: Banking and Finance Assignment, NUS, Singapore

Project Details:This project involves an evaluation of central bank digital currency (CBDC) from both a country-specific perspective, but also a global perspective. The specific country will be Si
| 1st Dec 2020

TU366/1: Choose Any Private or Public Company and Obtain the Financial Statements: Finance for Strategic Decision Making Assignment, TUD, Ireland

Task Details:Choose any private or public company and obtain the financial statements or annual reports for two years. Some of the annual reports will be over a hundred pages long, do not be daunt
| 1st Dec 2020

You are Provided with the Trial Balance with Notes for Cherry Hotels Ltd: Introduction to Accounting & Finance Assignment, UWL, UK

TASK 1You are provided with the trial balance with notes for Cherry Hotels Ltd as of 30 September 2020.You are requested to construct the appropriate final accounts for the year ended 30 Septe
| 28th Nov 2020

PAM 100: Discuss Whether the M&As Follow Distinct Patterns of Activit: Global Issues for the Finance Professional Assignment, UoL, Singapore

MSc and Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Accountancy Global Issues for the Finance ProfessionalTasks and requirementsSection 1Context and Requirement ContextThis assignment dra
| 23rd Nov 2020

BDPW3103: Cash Management is a Broad Term that Refers to the Collection: Introductory Finance Assignment, OUM, Malaysia

QUESTION 1Cash management is a broad term that refers to the collection, concentration, and disbursement of cash. The goal is to manage the cash balances of an enterprise in such a way as to maxim
| 20th Nov 2020

MOD006884: You are Simon / Simone, the New Associate Analyst of Landtech, a London Based Financial Services: International Finance Assignment, ARU, UK

Read the following scenario:ASSIGNMENT QUESTIONScenarioYou are Simon / Simone, the new associate analyst of Landtech, a London based financial services consultancy.Today is 09.00 am Mo
| 18th Nov 2020

Ezsky Plc Produces Wind Turbines and is Considering Buying Supplementary: Corporate Financial Management Assignment, MDIS, Singapore

Question 1Identity and discuss the drivers of corporate value, (those described in the course material) for Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (Hong Kong stock code: 9988). Use the market value added (MVA)
| 6th Nov 2020

361: Since Joining Megabank Asset Management Three Months Ago: Finance Assignment, UoA, New Zealand

ContextSince joining Megabank Asset Management three months ago you have been busy learning the ropes. You are about to grab dinner at 7 pm when your line manager, Charles de Vitry, sends you an e
| 31st Oct 2020

BBAW2103: Access the Annual Report for the Year Ended 2019 of One Listed Company on Bursa: Financial Accounting Assignment, OUM, Malaysia

PURPOSEThe purpose of this assignment is to enhance learners’ understanding of the qualitative characteristics of accounting information and enhance skills to prepare the journal entry, trial ba
| 31st Oct 2020
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