Irish and European Labour Law Assignment Help

In Defrenne V Sabena 1976 E.C.R. 455, the EU Court of Justice noted that Article 119 (as it was then) had both an economic and a social justice objective. Critically analyse how the EU court of
| 13th Mar 2019

COURSEWORK LAW2420 Equality and the Law assignment help

Part 1 (50%):Article 1 of the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights starts in article 1 with: ‘all human beings are born free and equality in dignity and rights’.Analyse why
| 9th Mar 2019

Law of Obligation (Law of tort) assignment for an international construction firm

SECTION A You MUST answer the following question: Question 1 You are working for an international construction firm with origins in Europe that has just joined the UK construction market. A number of
| 9th Mar 2019

GSP171e Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Law in Singapore TMA 2- SUSS

Question 1 In pursuit of her love of music, Mary, a TV show producer employed by Singapore Television Company Pte Ltd (“STC”), has come up with an idea for a Singaporean pop-music contest where co
| 23rd Feb 2019

Presumption of innocence enunciated in Woolmington v DPP [1935] AC 462

To what extent has the 'presumption of innocence' enunciated in Woolmington v DPP [1935] AC 462 vis-a-vis criminal cases changed in light of the Human Rights Act 1998?
| 22nd Feb 2019

BBUN2103 BUSINESS LAW Assignment – OUM

REQUIREMENT          Evaluate the circumstances that occur prior to the formation of a contract which may impair the validity of the contract. Illustrate with examples the legal implicatio
| 4th Feb 2019

Constitutional Law Continuous Assessment Term 1 – Institute Of Technology Carlow

In response to concerns over global warming and environmental damage, which the government views as an imminent national and international catastrophe, the government is determined to reduce the amoun
| 31st Dec 2018


Assignment 1: Maps Ireland Ltd is a company that manufactures maps for schools and businesses. On the 1st March 2016, Maps Ireland Ltd sent a letter to Paper4U Ltd with which it had been negotiating,
| 29th Dec 2018

Building Law and Safety Management – Third Year Assignment

Question 1The Stellar Hotel in County Donegal, entered into a contract with Liam Hayden, a local builder, to carry out renovation work to their main conference/function room. The agreement was that
| 29th Dec 2018

MHR-02 Human Rights Theory and Practice – Master of Human Rights

Question:Write a brief essay on the relationship between the ideas of Justice, Morality and Religion (for this purpose, you may select any religion of your choice).Your answer should reflect the i
| 27th Dec 2018

US Immigration Law Assignment 1 and 2

US Immigration Law Assignment 1 (6 Questions)When it comes to immigration, visas are a large part of the immigration law practice. You are a senior paralegal in an immigration law firm. You have bee
| 26th Dec 2018

Common law reasoning assignment writings – Malaysia

“The law, the legal profession and the courts are there to serve the whole population, not just a small section of it. They should be as reflective of that population as it is possible to be.” - B
| 22nd Dec 2018

BAC 308/05 Taxation in Malaysia 2018

Answer ALL questions below. 1. Section 5 of the Income Tax Act 1967 describes the ascertainment of chargeable income. Describe the steps that are used to ascertain the chargeable income of a taxpaye
| 11th Dec 2018

Meadows v. Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform [2010] 2 IR 701, at 721-722

In Meadows v. Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform [2010] 2 IR 701, at 721-722, Murray CJ stated: Judicial review is concerned with the Courts exercising their constitutional duty to ensure t
| 3rd Dec 2018


Jed, Thalia, and Erin are young entrepreneurs who are all directors and equal shareholders in Rush (Pty) Ltd (‘Rush’), a company specializing in the retail of sports equipment such as trick bicycl
| 1st Dec 2018

As the law stands, minors cannot make contracts – Business Law

QUESTION: “As the law stands, minors cannot make contracts.” Discuss this statement and state the exceptions, if any, in which a contract with a minor is binding.
| 30th Nov 2018
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