Describe a Range of Contemporary Approaches to Monitoring Social Marketing Campaign Performance and/or Success: Social Marketing, NUS, Singapore

ASSESSMENT TASK 3: DESCRIPTIONThe aim of this assessment is to describe a range of contemporary approaches to monitoring social marketing campaign performance and/or successlearning outcomes
| 18th Jan 2021

You are Applying for the Role of a Marketing Manager in a Hospitality Organization: Tourism & Hospitality Management Assignment, EBS, UK

Assignment Brief:A research report describing the concepts of marketing, the role of the marketing mix, the promotional mix, and the marketing cycle in a services industry context.You are appl
| 6th Jan 2021

You are Applying for the Role of a Marketing Manager and Required to Carry out Research: Marketing in Hospitality Assignment, UCL, UK

A research report describing the concepts of marketing, the role of marketing mix, the promotional mix, and the marketing cycle in a services industry context.You are applying for the role of a ma
| 4th Jan 2021

The Bruynzeel Company Was Created in the Netherlands in 1897: Operations & Supply chain management Case Study, UIBS, Italy

Company Background:The Bruynzeel Company was created in the Netherlands in 1897 and specialized in carpentry, wooden floors and shipbuilding. In 1937 it also began to manufacture kitchens. In 1982
| 22nd Dec 2020

Choose an NGB, LSP, or Similar Government-Funded Agency Charged With Promoting: Sport Marketing Assignment, UCD, Ireland

 NGB Marketing Strategy evaluation Choose an NGB, LSP, or similar government-funded agency charged with promoting physical activity and exercise through sporting involvement. You may wan
| 2nd Dec 2020

You are Working as a Marketing Consultant. You have been Instructed to Undertake Research: Marketing Coursework, BU, UK

Marketing Portfolio About EE Limited (Telecommunication Company in UK)ASSIGNMENT QUESTIONTask one:You are working as a marketing consultant. You have been instructed to undertake research
| 3rd Nov 2020

Define and Explain the Service that Your Company Delivers – What Type of Service: Service Marketing Assignment, RMIT, Singapore

Assignment QuestionsSelect ONE organisation and venue from the sector list below:Banks Beauty Salons or Nail Bars Cinemas dentists Gyms/ Sports Centres/ Swimming Pools Hairdre
| 29th Oct 2020

BX2081: People Who Like Bungee Jumping and Skydiving Exhibit Particular Personality: Consumer Behaviour Assignment, JCU, Singapore

Question 1‘People who like bungee jumping and skydiving exhibit particular personality traits and they search for new and exciting ways to spend their leisure time.  Reports show that the marke
| 10th Oct 2020

You are Applying For the Role of Marketing Manager within an Organization: Marketing Essentials Assignment, CECOS, UK

Learning Outcomes By the end of this unit a student will be able to:Explain the role of marketing and how it interrelates with other functional units of an organization. Compare ways in wh
| 15th Jul 2020

Critically and Briefly Evaluate the Trends in the International Market Sector in Which the Company Operates: International Marketing Assignment, KU, UK

ASSESSMENT 2 Select a company of your choice, critically evaluate and interpret its strategic, international marketing activities, and assess how the company is well placed to compete globally. Your a
| 18th Jun 2020

The Marketing Manager of Whittaker’s has Approached You to Provide: Consumer Behaviour Case Study Assignment, MU, NZ

Assignment Title: An examination of selected aspects of Consumer Behaviour theory and practice in relation to the products of Whittaker’sThe Marketing Manager of Whittaker’s has approached yo
| 4th Jun 2020

The Topic of Standardization/Adaptation of Companies’ International Marketing, Including Their Product: International Marketing Assignment, CU, UK

Assessment 1 The topic of standardization/adaptation of companies' international marketing, including their product, pricing, distribution, and communication strategies, has always been a central issu
| 2nd Jun 2020

Campbell’s Soup is the Market Leader in Canada, Controlling about 60%: Marketing Assignment, CBU, Canada

Campbell’s Soup Case Study To experience marketing, you must assess situations and make recommendations to change marketing strategies when necessary. What would you do in the following situation?
| 15th May 2020

MKTG 2110: Innovation is Crucial for Businesses in Today’s Highly Dynamic and Competitive Environment: Principles of Marketing Assignment, UoNL, US

Purpose: Innovation is crucial for businesses in today’s highly dynamic and competitive environment. Innovation is defined as the introduction of something new or different. It is the tool that gui
| 23rd Apr 2020

EMBA 7035: You have Recently Opened Your Own Marketing Consulting Practice: Strategic Market Planning Assignment, UoF, Canada

Scenario: You have recently opened your own Marketing Consulting Practice. Your first (and only) client has asked you to lunch and presented you with the following conversation:“I know you are new
| 8th Apr 2020

An Evaluation of Air New Zealand’s Micro-Environment in New Zealand: Marketing Assignment, UW, New Zealand

Market Environment Analysis -REVISED Introduction The purpose of this assessment is to gain an overview of the case company, Air New Zealand. In marketing, this overview is referred to as a Situatio
| 20th Mar 2020

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