NURS 450: In the Emergency, I did an Assessment on 4 and 10-year-old Children: Critical Reflection Paper, UoC, Canada

GUIDELINESThe paper involves describing an experience in which you were involved and analyzing the situation. Describe why the experience occurred and what theory and evidence support professional
| 28th Nov 2020

You will Need to Develop a Lesson Plan on a Topic of Your Choice: Medical Education Assignment, UoD, Ireland

Part B:For this part of the assignment, you will need to develop a lesson plan on a topic of your choice within your own discipline area. The assignment should include a lesson plan based on Gagne
| 21st Nov 2020

NUR 2243: Jeanine Porter is a 75-year-old Woman Who was Admitted to the Hospital: Nursing Care Plan Case Study, FGC, Ireland

Case ScenarioJeanine Porter is a 75-year-old woman who was admitted to the hospital after she fell at home and sustained an intracapsular fracture of the left hip at the femoral neck. She is widow
| 10th Nov 2020

NMHS 42630: Critically Appraise the Research Evidence Underpinning Your Chosen Aspect of Care: Core Theoretical Concepts of Nursing Care for the Critically Ill Patient Assignment, UCD, Ireland

AssignmentThis assignment will facilitate you to appraise the evidence underpinning one aspect of nursing care related to the management of the critically ill patient. Current national/internation
| 3rd Nov 2020

JOHN is a 15-year-old Boy Who is Living in a Residential Unit with His Two Younger Siblings: Psychology & Well Being Assignment, UCC, Ireland

The topic of essay: Needs Assessment and Well BeingUsing a Humanistic perspective outline how you would complete a needs assessment of wellbeing which highlights the health and social care needs o
| 2nd Nov 2020

NURS103: Dasan, a 50-year Old Indigenous Client is Diagnosed with Liver Cancer: Practical Nursing Assignment, HC, Canada

Learning OutcomesBe able to discuss diversity and culture as it relates to health wellness and illness; health practices and behaviors; and establishing a culturally safe environment. Be able
| 31st Oct 2020

NBHS1104: Patricia Benner in Her Book “Mapping Nurses’ Development from the Level: Nursing Health Assessment, OUM, Malaysia

OBJECTIVEThis assignment is to appraise learners’ analytical skills in exploring the development of their personal knowledge and professional progress based on Patricia Benner’s Novice to Expe
| 11th Sep 2020

Describe the Professional and Legal Responsibilities of the New Zealand Registered Nurse: Nursing Essay, OP, New Zealand

Essay Questions: Question 1: Describe the professional and legal responsibilities of the New Zealand Registered Nurse.Question 2: Provide a brief overview of the Nursing Council of New Zealand
| 4th Sep 2020

6N2023: Describe the Research Methods Used to Acquire Knowledge, to Include Reference Sources: Child Psychology Assignment, OU, Ireland

Instructions:The learner is to conduct a Naturalistic Child Observation Study to include 5 observations pertaining to 5 areas of child development. (PILES) Section 1 (500 words)Describe the
| 2nd Sep 2020

NBHS1404: Mr. M, a 56-year-old Architect was Diagnosed with Deep Vein Thrombosis: Pharmacology For Nurses Assignment, OUM

OBJECTIVE This assignment is to evaluate learners’ analytical skills in addressing pharmacological issues related to pharmaceutical precautions and patient education.  SCENARIO: Mr. M, a 56-year
| 27th Jul 2020

Develop a Teaching PowerPoint Aimed at Young Adolescents for the Purpose of Alerting: Maternity Nursing Assignment, MIT, US

Assignment Overview: Develop a teaching PowerPoint aimed at young adolescents for the purpose of alerting them to Sexually Transmitted Infections.Create a 10-15 PowerPoint slide presentation that ad
| 17th Jun 2020

Miss C is a 34-year-old Female Who was Brought into the Hospital by Ambulance: Mental Health Nursing Assignment, CU, Canada

Case Study Miss C is a 34-year-old female who was brought into the hospital by ambulance after being found slumped over in the front seat of her car outside her previous place of work. There were two
| 1st Jun 2020

Introduce Your Work Including Speciality (e.g. medical ward) and Chosen Patient: Adult Nursing Assignment, KU, UK

Assignment Brief 1. Introduce your work including specialty (e.g. medical ward) and chosen patient with a long term condition ( Remember confidentiality/anonymity - no names ) and rationale for choos
| 30th May 2020

To Develop an Understanding of the Pacific Worldview including Values: Pacific Health and Wellness Essay, MIT, NZ

Purpose To develop an understanding of the Pacific worldview including values, beliefs, and practices in relation to Pacific Peoples' health and well-being. Describe Pacific Cultural Competency and a
| 28th Apr 2020

Monique leaves her rural home in New Mexico and goes to the doctor in the nearby town: Microbiology Assignment, UoP, US

Assignment Details: Below are three descriptions of three different illnesses. Each illness is caused by a type of bacteria (they are NOT caused by viruses). Choose ONE of the three cases described b
| 22nd Apr 2020

You are a Self-Employed Dietitian who has a New Workstream which is to make recommendations: Nutrition Assignment, UWL, UK

Learning Outcomes: The written report is designed so that you can meet the following module learning outcomes:Appraise differing methods of institutional foodservice Determine the financial
| 22nd Apr 2020
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