BIO2003: The UK’s Committee on Toxicity of Chemicals in Food launches an Investigation: Field Identification Skills Assignment, NU, UK

IntroductionThe UK’s Committee on Toxicity of Chemicals in Food launches an investigation into leaching of a commonly used chemical known as Bisphenol A (BPA) [IUPAC name 4,4'-(propane-2,2-diyl)
| 28th Nov 2020

Silk Road is the Landmark Case for the Dark Web. This is What the Dark Web Reputation: Investigations Assignment, NKU, US

Module 5 Discussion: The Good and the BadThere are many points in the Silk Road case that could make up entire modules by themselves. Depending on the side of the argument you stand, some points
| 21st Nov 2020

5N1781: Define What School-age Childcare is and Identify a Range of Types of Provisions: School Age Childcare Assignment, OU, Ireland

Assignment Brief:You have required to complete a 1,000 - 1,200 word assignment outlining the elements of effective practice within School Age Childcare provision and the significance of collaborat
| 21st Nov 2020

EG6118: As a Graduate Civil Engineer, You have been Appointed as the Lead Consultant: Traffic and Highways Assignment, UoEL, UK

Project BriefAs a graduate civil engineer, you have been appointed as the lead consultant to advise on traffic and transportation issues relating to proposals for the building of a new city in Sou
| 21st Nov 2020

Unit 8: You are Employed as an Assistant Engineer by a large Design: Mathematics for Construction Assignment, UCW, UK

Assignment Brief and Guidance:ScenarioYou are employed as an Assistant Engineer by a large Design and Build construction firm in their central Birmingham office. The firm has recently appointe
| 19th Nov 2020

FMP101: The End of the High Street as We Know It?: Fashion Promotion Landscape Assignment, UWL, UK

Learning OutcomesLO1 Utilise a range of research techniques within the area of fashion promotion and marketing (Enquiry)L02 Demonstrate the ability to analyse data and information (Knowledge)
| 18th Nov 2020

NBNS3603: Reflection is Associated with “Looking Back” and Examining the Past: Reflective Thinking And Writing Assignment, OUM, Malaysia

OBJECTIVE:This assignment is to appraise learners’ skills in writing reflectively on their learning experiences.SYNOPSIS:Reflection is associated with “looking back” and examining th
| 2nd Nov 2020

In 2013, Harvard University Received a Bomb Threat. The Threat was a Hoax: Investigations Assignment, NKU, US

Assignment # 1- The Harvard Hoax Bomb InvestigationIn 2013, Harvard University received a bomb threat. The threat was a hoax and the suspect Eldo Kim left a digital trail of evidence behind that l
| 31st Oct 2020

STA 1101: CCAMacts as a Physical Gateway for the CRM – Customer Relationship Management and Contact Centre Industry: Quantitative Methods Assignment, INIT, Malaysia

CCAM – Contact Centre Association of MalaysiaCCAMacts as a physical gateway for the CRM - Customer relationship management and Contact Centre Industry of Malaysia, globally promoting Malaysia as
| 28th Oct 2020

You will Play the Role of a Digital Forensic Analyst and Investigate a Murder Mystery: Digital Forensic Assignment, BU, US

Assignment Details:IntroductionIn this project, you will play the role of a digital forensic analyst and investigate a murder mystery. A few days after Halloween 2015, a terrible crime occurre
| 28th Oct 2020

Dr. Albert Sterling, a Fictitious Surgeon, Submitted a Disability Income Claim: Investigations Assignment, NKU, US

CASE STUDY 6:  Dr. Sterling's Disability Insurance ClaimLEARNING OBJECTIVESAfter completing and discussing this case, you should be able toSpot some red flags of fraud Recognize that
| 28th Oct 2020

Let’s Assume You Live in the U.S. and You do not like the Color Orange: Investigations Assignment, NKU, US

Orange Is the New Green[NOTE:  You are getting a sneak peek at your final paper assignment.  You can begin thinking about how you will complete this assignment.  The assignment will be availabl
| 28th Oct 2020

Patrice Duncan was Indicted by a Federal Grand Jury on September 5, 2012: Investigations Assignment, NKU, US

Case Study:FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEWednesday, May 14, 2014Conway Business Owner Pleads Guilty To Structuring A Financial TransactionLITTLE ROCK, AR Christopher R. Thyer, United States Att
| 28th Oct 2020

Lebanese Businessman Tied to Hizballah Arrested for Violating IEEPA and Defrauding: Investigations Assignment, NKU, US

Case Study:FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEFriday, March 24, 2017Lebanese Businessman Tied to Hizballah Arrested for Violating IEEPA and Defrauding the U.S. Government Kassim Tajideen, a prominent fi
| 27th Oct 2020

Fashion District Store Using ‘Black Market Peso Exchange’ Scheme Allegedly Took Ransom Money: Investigations Assignment, NKU, US

Assignment Details:Large-Scale Law Enforcement Effort Targets Downtown Los Angeles Businesses Linked To Money Laundering For Drug CartelsFashion District Store Using ‘Black Market Peso Excha
| 27th Oct 2020

STA 1101: A Production Process Uses Two Machines in Its Daily Production: Quantitative Methods Assignment, INIT, Malaysia

Question 1A production process uses two machines in its daily production. A random sample of 500 items produced was inspected and listed in the table below.Machine Defective Non-defect
| 10th Oct 2020
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