MICROBIOLOGY (4106BMBMOL) University Coursework UK

Describe in detail, using labelled diagrams, how you would purify a contaminated bacterial culture using the streak-plate procedure. (25 marks) Describe the differences between the st
| 16th Jul 2018

MTH2210 : Introduction to Applied Statistics- United States International University – Africa

1. The marks obtained (out of 50 ) by 40 students in a class are given below in the table.Find the (i) mode (ii) median (iii) mean (iv) variance (v) standard deviation, of the above data. 2. The fo
| 27th Jun 2018

Tour Itinerary For An Inbound Tourists Group To Sri Lanka

Assignment -1 Students are required to prepare a tour itinerary for an inbound tourists group to Sri Lanka covering all the aspects of it. Following guidelines should be used by the students. I
| 11th Jun 2018

Macquarie University STAT171 – D1- Statistics Data Analysis

Question 1 – 2017 Exam One Question 4 [20 marks] When some companies run out of storage room at their premises, they hire off-site storage. When an item is required, they put in an online order, and
| 8th Jun 2018

BSCS 11053 Statistics Assignment 01- University of Sri Lanka

Answer all Questions: Q1. Find an article with a pie chart or bar chart or frequency table of categorical data or a contingency table of categorical data (Use a 2017 article and attached it) a) Is the
| 4th Jun 2018

Chemistry Assignment- New Zealand University

You are the chair of a government pesticide regulatory committee and you are presented with data on a new compound intended for use as a broad leaf herbicide in a domestic setting.Discuss the envi
| 29th May 2018

750 Words Biology Assignment- UK Universities

Task 2 – Flowcharts and written summaryCreate a flow chart, summarising the pathway of a sperm from the male testes to the uterine tube. Create a flow chart, summarising the pathway of an
| 23rd May 2018

Strategic Planning for Tourism and Leisure- Malaysia

Question:Create a strategic tourism development plan for a cultural attraction in your area which is currently experiencing a downfall as a tourist attraction.The tourism plan should include a
| 10th May 2018

Statistics University Essay Canada

For this essay, which is worth 6% of your final grade, you will need to find a substantive media article (online, newspaper, magazine, etc.)—not a peer-reviewed professional article—which reports
| 30th Apr 2018

Managerial Statistics Assignment- Regent Business School

QUESTION ONE      [25]The following information was gathered from 100 families in rural KZN with regard to their weekly incomes.1.1 Draw the downward sloping (<) ogive using the frequenc
| 25th Apr 2018

Habitat Reduction and Loss of Biodiversity

Subject -  Habitat Reduction and Loss of Biodiversity Word Count - 1000 WordsCourse:- Environment and Population Health   Assignment:- Habitat Reduction and Loss of BiodiversitySpeci
| 6th May 2016

Assessment 2: Policy Analysis and Critique

Assessment 2: Policy Analysis and CritiqueWeighting:              60%Word count:            3000 wordsDue Date:                Friday 20
| 6th May 2016


GENDER BASED ANALYSIS RESEARCHThere are three parts to this research assignment, which together are worth 40 marks out of 150grade points.The overall objective is to emphasize the developm
| 3rd Mar 2016
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