CIT150 : Writing a Perl Program that Receives Information from an HTML form and creates an HTML document: Internet Technologies Coursework, ACTC, Australia

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University Ashland Community and Technical College (ACTC)
Subject CIT150 :Internet Technologies


Use the webserver logging in instructions from project-1 ignoring the server’s host key section.


Visit the following link to learn how to create HTML pages that have embedded JavaScript as required in this project. There are many JavaScript resources on the World Wide Web. Feel free to consult other resources such as

Type the following command in your home directory to make the www directory your default directory: cd www (or cd public_html if www is not defined) Type the following command: pico Type a web page with content about Internet Technologies Membership that has the following:

A. Form: Use the correct HTML tags to define a form in the HTML document that will allow a user to enter information about members of a club that learns new Internet Technologies. The form should have the following:

A label for each textbox of “Full name”, “Date of birth”, and “Gender”. Three text boxes of full name, date of birth and gender.

A text area (you can make it 10 lines and 100 character positions but different dimensions are okay) Three buttons for NEXT, DISPLAY, and CLEAR

B. JavaScript: Declare an array that will store name-date-gender entries for each member. Feel free to choose a good name for your array.

Write two functions as follows:

(1) A saveMember function that will get the text typed in the text boxes and assign it to an array position.
(2) A display members function that takes all members in the array and assigns them to the text area, one at a time using a loop.

C. Input validation: All years should be less than 1998 (we don’t want members who are less than 18 years old)

D. Event handling – on button click

Button clicks should be handled as follows:

(1) When the NEXT button is clicked, the saveMember function should be called (invoked)
(2) When the DISPLAY button is clicked, the display members function should be called (invoked)
(3) When the RESET button is clicked, the text boxes should be cleared and the array should be erased

You will save this with the name members.html by doing the following:
Press Control-O
Type members.html for file name and press Enter
Press Control-X to exit

Give world permissions to the members.html file by typing the following:
chmod o+r members.html ls -l


In your www (or public_html) directory, type the following command:

pico index.html

The web page that your created in project-1 should appear.

Near the end, after the </p> tag but before the </body> tag, type the following:
<a href=”members.html”>Update </a> Internet Technologies Club membership list.
You will save this with the name index.html by doing the following: Press Control-X

This project involves writing a Perl program that receives information from an HTML form and creates an HTML document sent back to the browser that submitted the form. Your program should follow the specification given below.


1. The form
Create an HTML document that has a form that allows the input of personal information. You may use the Membership form document that you wrote for Project 3. This document should have the URL of a Perl program that resides in the www directory of your account as the ACTION attribute of the form. This document should be linked to your welcome.html document that resides in your account. When the submit button of your form has been clicked, the Perl program should be executed. If you use the Project 3 form, you should add text boxes for the name of the person filling in the form.

2. The Perl program
The Perl program should receive all the information from the form and write it to a disk file. The program should also read the file of current members if it exists. The Perl program should then create a web page that thanks to the person who submitted the information by name and then says: “other members of the club are as follows: “ followed by a list of the names read from the file.

Write a plain text HTML document that describes the variables used in your program, built-in functions used, and the features and tasks of your program in English. Also, explain in this document the main features of the form document and the generated document. Put a link to this document on your website.

Grading of this project will involve typing your URL into a browser then following the appropriate links to read your project description as well as to see the form and Perl programs in action.

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