Comparative Analysis of Czech and Slovak International Trade: Dissertation MUP, Prague

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University Metropolitan University Prague (MUP)
Subject International Trade

(complete in the language of your Final Dissertation)

First and last name of the student: IrinaVeselkova
Title of the Final Dissertation in English (according to the SIS): Comparative analysis of Czech and Slovak international trade
Title of the Final Dissertation in Czech(according to the SIS): Srovnávacíanalýzačeského a slovenskéhomezinárodníhoobchodu
The basic characteristic of the topic and the objective of the Final Dissertation (i.e. summary; maximum of  800 characters):     
The basic outline of the Final Dissertation (suggested division into chapters; try to capture the expected content of the chapters in their titles):
Research questions, hypotheses (according to the nature of the study program):
Methodology of elaborating on the topic: f     
Theoretical/conceptual framework of elaborating on the topic:      
Works cited (at least 5 of the most important sources, i.e.  books or journals, relevant to the topic; all titles must include a brief summary in the extent of 2-4 lines of text):     
Final Dissertations relevant to the topic (a list of a maximum of 5 Bachelor’s Dissertations and 5 Master’s Dissertations defended within the last 3 years at MUP or other Universities (Masaryk University, Charles University, etc.) that address the same topic.)):

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NOTICE: Pursuant to Article15, Item 12 of MUP Study and Examination Code any changes to the title of MUP Final Dissertations or the chosen Supervisors may be made only under grave and substantiated circumstances at the latest four months prior to the deadline stipulated for the submission of the assigned MUP Final Dissertation.

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Looking for Plagiarism free Answers for your US, UK, Singapore college/ university Assignments.

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