Conduct Secondary Research into the Ethical Conduct of Harry Stonecipher in Boeing: Business Ethics Case Study, UoA, NZ

University The University of Auckland (UoA)- NZ
Subject Ethics

Conduct secondary research into the ethical conduct of Harry Stonecipher in Boeing in order to answer the following questions.

Case study questions:

Assessment 2A

Personal ethical perspectives

  1. Briefly describe Harry’s character and the way it influenced his decision making.
  2. Discuss three aspects of Harry’s spirituality that may have influenced his decision making.
  3. Briefly discuss any three (3) of the following aspects of transformation in action that are evident in this case
    • Envisioning the productive community
    • Looking within
    • Embracing the hypocritical self
    • Transcending fear
    • Embodying a vision of the common good
    • Disturbing the system
    • Surrendering to the emergent process
    • Enticing through moral power
    • Ethical decision making and action
  4. Discuss how effectively (if at all), Harry applied the nine steps to sound ethical decision making at Boeing.
  5. Discuss the importance of moral sensitivity, moral judgment, moral motivation and moral character in decision making. Were these evident in Harry’s case? Why / why not?

Ethical interpersonal communication

  1. Select two of the following aspects of interpersonal communication and discuss examples of these as they arose at Boeing: Mindfulness Effective listening Confirmation Emotional intelligence Trust building Conflict management Exercising ethical influence
  2. Discuss the way Harry exercised power and influence over his staff.

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Assessment 2B

  1. Improving group ethical performance Explain the steps that Harry has taken to improve group ethical performance at Boeing. Was his effort successful? Justify.
  2. Leadership and followership ethics Using examples from Boeing, discuss two (2) ethical challenges of leadership that Harry encountered.
  3. Describe Harry’s leadership at Boeing. Was it transformational? Servant or Relational? Justify your answer.
  4. Discuss one principle of exemplary followership that relates to the action taken by Harry’s follower who exposed his affair with Ms. Peabody.

Building an ethical workplace

  1. Analyze the ethical culture at Boeing when Harry started his leadership role as CEO. Describe the culture change effort that he undertook. What systems did he try to change? What systems were missing?
  2. How did Harry combat or reduce any destructive/ antisocial behavior if any?

Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility

  1. Analyze and explain how Boeing demonstrated CSR during the term of Harry as CEO.
  2.  Explain the type of CSR theory used- (instrumental, political, ethical or integrative)and its importance?

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