Criminal case – Dellen Millard killing his father – Assignment help Canada

For this assignment we have to choose a criminal case my case is Dellen Millard killing his father and we have to answer the following questions 1)- what crime(s) was/were committed? 2)- what was the actus rea? 3)- how was the crime discovered? Who investigated the crime? ( Name actual detective(s), police departments, etc. – explaining jurisdictional issues) 4)- Discuss involvement/parties to the crime. 5)- what was the strategy of the accused? .was there a key defence used. Discuss any use of the charter or violations of procedural law on the part of the police. Crown, etc. 6)- Identify and discuss key material evidence- Physical and testimonial. Was the admission of anything contested? 7)- was there an appeal? Trace history to the end… I need it by Monday it doesn’t have to be perfect please and thank u Also I  want to know how much it’s gonna cost Thank you again offers the best criminal law research topics for all the students in Canada pursuing their degree program in the field. Our experts are masters in all the academic sphere and help you score high academic grades. So worry no more about your task and take our assignment help Canada services.

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