Critical Evaluate the Usefulness of Change Models such as Lewin, McKinsey 7s: Strategic Management Assignment, UAEU, UAE

University United Arab Emirates University (UAEU)
Subject Strategic Management

Task 1 of 3 – Business presentation


Individually prepare a presentation critically evaluating the strategic plans of an organisation of your choice and propose strategic options. Your presentation is to be made to the board of directors and you should:

  • Introduce your selected organisation, and evaluate its vision, mission, and values statements with recommendations for any revisions you deem appropriate.
  • Critically evaluate the organisations key headline data including, but not limited to, trends in financial performance, share price (where applicable) market share, profitability, and major competitors.
  • Define the organisation’s industry and explore the critical macro-environment forces that influence it.
  • Critically analyse the organisation’s competitive position in that industry.
  • Present a SWOT table (or equivalent) and critically evaluate the organisations current strategic position.

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Task 2 of 3 – Essay


Following your presentation, you should now prepare a new strategic plan:

  • Critically evaluate the relationship between the organisation’s, corporate, business and operational strategies
  • Apply strategic models and tools to recommend strategic options for the organisation
  • Evaluate critical success factors/assumptions that underpin the strategic options you’ve developed
  • Recommend and justify a strategic option and accompanying business objectives
  • Identify change factors by completing a force field analysis for your selected organisation
  • Identify the change agents and propose a suitable structure for the implementation of the plan
  • Create a resourced implementation plan for the strategy, with a justified timeline for implementation
  • Describe the potential risks during the implementation

Task 3 of 3 – Reflective Essay


  • Critical evaluate the usefulness of change models such as Lewin, McKinsey 7s, and Kotter for the selected organisation and recommend a specific model to support the strategic option identified in Task 3. You should also explain how you could be a change agent and identify the leadership and change agent skills you would need to display in order to make changes successful.

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