Critically Examine the Current state of Knowledge Regarding a Specific Problem or concern that Affects older Children or Youth and/or their families: Social Work Assignment, BU, US

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University Boston University (BU)
Subject Social Work

Class Book: Charles Zastrow and Karen Kirst-Ashman, (2015). Understanding Human Behavior in the Social Environment. 10th Ed. Chicago: Nelson-Hall Publishers.

Teacher instructions: Your paper should be 6 pages (typed, double-spaced), and should be properly referenced using APA style. You can use our textbook and supplemental readings as references, but also include at least five additional scholarly resources. Please turn it in here as an EDITABLE GOOGLE DOC link so that I can give my feedback directly to you in your document.

Critically examine the current state of knowledge regarding a specific problem or concern that affects older children or youth and/or their families. Be sure to address the following issues:

1. Describe the problem and its characteristics as specifically as possible.
2. Estimate the prevalence of this problem, and indicate any gender, ethnic or class differences in its prevalence and presentation.
3. Consider the impact of the problem, identifying likely contributing factors. Critically evaluate evidence for and against your claims.
4. Identify unresolved issues or gaps in existing knowledge regarding this problem (e.g., ethical issues, legal issues, societal attitudes, etc.)

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