Demonstrate Your Understanding and Application of a Sustainable Approach to Business Management: Foundation of Business Management Report, UOL, UK

University University of London (UoL) UK
Subject Foundation of Business Management

Write a formal report demonstrate your understanding and application of a sustainable approach to Business Management, including strategic planning and CSR challenges.

Additionally, write a reflective report with an update on your key skills learning in the Unit evidenced by entries in your online journal. Write a formal report, with headings, using your reading, research, learning and journal content as a starting point.

Introduction/summary of the assignment brief and task

  •  Explanation of a sustainable approach to business strategy and management:  evidence by examples of strategies that businesses use to operate in an ethical and sustainable way
  • To evidence and analyse the different approaches to CSR of Micro, SME and Corporate Business, are their approaches similar?

Are there differences and how can you measure success in their CSR strategies?

  • Evidence of research and reading beyond topic areas discussed in class · Reference List Business report style written based on research findings in 3rd person

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