Discuss in Detail Any Four (4 No.) of International Business Risks – Esure that Risks are not Similar: International Business Assignment, CCT, Ireland

University CCT College Dublin
Subject International Business

Assignment Brief:

TOP 10 business risks by ForbesTOP 10 business risks by EY
Weak economiesPricing pressure
Regulatory risksCost-cutting and profit pressure
Increasing competitionMarket risks
Damage to reputation volatile world growth outlookMacroeconomic risks weaker or more
Failure to attract top talentManaging talent and skill shortages
Failure to innovateExpansion of government’s role
Business interruptionRegulation and compliance
Commodity price riskFinancial austerity or debt crises
Cash flow & liquidity riskEmerging technologies
Political riskPolitical shocks

Reference: TOP 10 risks by Aon PCL and EY (www.forbes.com, EY Business Pulse) re. International Business Risks.

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Discuss in detail any four (4 No.) of the above international business risks – ensure that risks are not similar e.g. No. 5 for both are similar – and please support them with company / relevant examples.

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