Discuss the Key Drivers that Motivated SONAE MC to Start the Lean Initiative: Operations Management Assignment, NUS, Singapore

University National University of Singapore (NUS)
Subject Operations Management

Case Assignment Questions:

  1. Discuss the key drivers that motivated SONAE MC to start the lean initiative.
  2. Implementation of the lean principle is a challenging project. Evaluate how SONAE MC dealt with the scale and complexity of the implementation (i.e. a large number of stores, large number of people involved, etc.). Use specific examples to illustrate your answer.
  3. In what other areas could SONAE MC extend their lean principles? What obstacles would they face?
  4. The principle of involving everyone is key to lean implementation. Given the SONAE MC case, how can they sustain staff motivation? Evaluate possible ways/strategies forward with lean implementation (evaluate 2/3 alternatives).

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Discuss the key drivers that motivated SONAE MC to start the lean initiative

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