EDU-5000V4: Ensure Teachers are Accountable to Provide an Effective and Accurate Data :Foundations for Graduate Study in Education research proposal, Nu, US

University Northcentral University (Nu)
Subject EDU-5000 V4:Foundations for Graduate Study in Education

Persuasive Argument: Ensure Teachers are Accountable to Provide an Effective and Accurate Data About Their Students During an Extended Program

School administration is the educational instrument that holds teachers accountable for providing quality teaching and accurately accesses students’ abilities, weaknesses, and strengths to provide accurate data that helps professionals provide the best service and implement authentic learning and intervention with fidelity. Thus, the importance of the administration processes implemented in the pedagogical relationships between students and teachers has always been the focus of all the work of educationPizmony-Levy and Woolsey, (2017). An administration needs to be clear about educational policies and accountability. There is a proposal to close the learning gap in this letter due to long-term remote learning.

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In developing democratic school administration, as a constitutional principle, the principal is responsible for ensuring everyone’s right to access cultural information through a commitment to a pedagogical project that is, above all, social. It is understood that the principal is an agent of transformation in the school Bintz, (2020). For the school to fulfill its social function, the school must have an appropriate pedagogical project on the social reality to be inserted, democratically deliberated, and managed by the school’s professionals—the proposal of an extended program for the remainder of the year is to help students and teachers to show students’ improvement and to close the learning gaps that have exacerbated in the past year.

The extended program has the objective to provide conditions necessary for the development of the teaching process. Including the adequate number of students in the classroom, duration of classes that gives dynamism to the educational process and allows interactions between different disciplines, and a career plan for teachers that has as its premise the incentive for the remain in it, it is always seeking better quality for the public schools(see Pizmony-Levy and Woolsey, 2017, for more).

Persuasive Argument: Ensure Teachers are Accountable to Provide an Effective and Accurate Data About Their Students During an Extended Program

According to Bealle (2017), the participation of the entire school community should be to discuss and propose actions that determine the excellent progress of the pedagogical process and the students’ learning outcomes, with the responsibility of rendering accounts of the actions carried according to policies from the Department of Education. In this sense, it is necessary to seek to bring the family and other members of the community to the school in order to favor participation in the educational process, debating results and needs to propose shared actions between school councils, parents, teachers, and staff, student guilds for monitoring and applicability of resources that arrive at school according to Bintz, (2020).

The proposal is to have everyone to be involved in the student’s educational process. Teachers are responsible for making that happen; however, the school administration has a role of helping in bringing the community together. Teachers should be held accountable for providing an appropriate learning environment and accurately assessing their skills and needs (Bealle, 2017). The purpose is to improve students’ learning, consequently raising the necessary education, as well as promoting equal access and conditions of permanence to students, with or without disabilities, ensuring the right of all students to share common learning spaces and in order to substantiate it in school pedagogical practice; inform, know, and monitor data and indicators from teachers and students.

Persuasive Argument: Ensure Teachers are Accountable to Provide Effective and Accurate Data About Their Students During an Extended Program

The proposal is to create a program that will serve schools with students in low social-economic communities. This daily journey will have the objective of pedagogical monitoring, experimentation, and scientific research, culture and arts, sports and leisure, digital culture, economic education, communication and use of technology, environment, human rights, health, among other activities. This program’s funds come from the federal level to improve education quality through community involvement and participation, expanding the dialogue and cooperation between students, parents, and professional teams (Pizmony-Levy and Woolssey, 2017). The program encourages schools to open on weekends, especially now after students have been learning remotely and have shown to have learning lost in more than 80% of the students in the country.

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