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Students Assignment Help 12/06/2019

Assignment Question:  The power of institutions is a central concept when analyzing the theories of power.  Examine Goffman and Foucault’s concepts of power in relation to surveillance and stigma and provide examples of how a social care practitioner’s understanding of power is key to acting in the best interest of the service user at all times.

 Your answer should make reference to –

  • Examining sociological definitions of power
  • Provide a comprehensive explanation of surveillance and stigma
  • Provide examples where power in relationships has been misused in social care practice making reference to ongoing institutional inquiries and scandals
  • Discuss practice recommendations from institutional inquiries and how this has rebalanced the power dynamic between social care practitioner and service user

Learning Outcomes: On successful completion of this module the learner should be able to:
 LO1 Explain theories of power in relation to professional practice

LO2 Examine theories of deviance and social control

LO3 Discuss race and ethnicity in contemporary society

LO4 Discuss the sociology of health and illness and its relationship to professional practice

LO5 Discuss the role and function of the media in modern society

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