FMP101: The End of the High Street as We Know It?: Fashion Promotion Landscape Assignment, UWL, UK

University University of West London (UWL)
Subject FMP101: Fashion Promotion Landscape

Learning Outcomes

LO1 Utilise a range of research techniques within the area of fashion promotion and marketing (Enquiry)

L02 Demonstrate the ability to analyse data and information (Knowledge)

LO3 Employ verbal and visual presentation skills to communicate findings (Communication)


This unit is designed to introduce you to the fashion promotion and marketing landscape. You will investigate how the fashion marketing, media, and promotion environments are intrinsically linked, and examine the motivation and behaviours of different consumer groups.

You will engage in the visual analysis of fashion, and the development of promotional concepts by appreciating the critical role that research and observation play in the process. This unit will also introduce you to the Micro and Macro environment to support your critical analysis skills and appreciation of the fashion industry. The knowledge gained in this unit will be utilized in FMP103 Trend Forecasting.

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“The end of the high street as we know it?”

The high street has changed. Gone are the days of the buzzing high street, full of fashion and homeware shops. Many retailers have had to shut their doors in recent years, but why? The fashion industry is still worth over £26bn in the UK alone. The Internet has changed the face of fashion, but is it really the end of the high street? Retailers need to respond and adapt to the changing fashion environment and meet the demands of current consumers.

Your brief is to investigate the Fashion Promotion Landscape, both on and off the high street. You will need to choose two current fashion or lifestyle brands to research and analyse. Who are their consumers? How do they connect with them? What marketing and promotion strategies do they use? Are they successful, if not, why not? How can they survive and flourish in the future?

Using your research as a foundation, you will undertake a SWOT analysis for each brand, concluding and presenting your findings. You will be required to deliver a formal presentation of your work. The time and venue for this will be communicated to you by your unit leader.

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