H3310C: New Restaurant Concepts are Emerging Rapidly to Satisfy the Growing: Foodservice Facilities Design Assignment, RP

University Republic Polytechnic (RP) Singapore
Subject H3310C: Foodservice Facilities Design


New restaurant concepts are emerging rapidly to satisfy the growing demand for diners. These market-driven developments are calling for more people trained in foodservice facilities design. Given this knowledge, students will be prepared for careers in food service management armed with the ability to design foodservice facilities.


This is an individual coursework assignment where the students will design a layout plan for the restaurant and the kitchen, taking into consideration foodservice facility design principles and the reflected dining concept and menu

With the new trend of healthier eating, more and more customers are requesting grilled food items. Using the floorplan given, design a suitable layout for the concept incorporating a grilling station for the customers’ preferences.

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Requirements for Content

Your report should cover the following areas:


An introduction of the selected dining concept and an appropriate menu which consists of a minimum of two appetizers, two soups, two main courses, and two desserts. The proposed equipment used in the production of the dishes will determine the design and layout of the restaurant and kitchen area.

Apply principles of Kitchen Design:

You need to show examples in the floorplan and explain feasibility in the workflow on the following:

  • flexibility and modularity
  • the flow of materials and personnel
  • ergonomics
  • ease of sanitation
  • ease of supervision
  • space efficiency
  • appropriate choice of equipment based on the proposed menu

Apply principles of Restaurant Design:

You need to show examples in the floorplan and explain feasibility in the workflow on the following:

  • the flow of materials and personnel
  • ergonomics
  • space efficiency
  • choice of furniture
  • choice of floorings
  • choice of lightings
  • overall design and suitability to the concept

Accuracy of schematic drawings and labelling of equipment:

You need to provide an explanation with consideration made for emergency usage. The Front of the House (FOH) and Back of the House (BOH) equipment need to be clearly labelled for the following areas:

  • electrical, lighting, drainage, sanitary points, HVAC, and water points
  • all equipment is clearly labelled based on the requirement of schematic drawings
  • drawings to scale


  • Relevant ideas, concepts applied with clear explanation and acknowledgment of event perspective
  • Clear evidence of relevant, current, and credible sources
  • Reference to current situations, issues, and trends
  • Complete and feasible findings and recommendations


Reliable sources of references are cited using the APA referencing style to support statements.

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