Hidden Algorithms can make (or ruin) Reputations, Decide the Destiny of Entrepreneurs: Cyber law Assignment, BU, UK

University Bournemouth University (BU) - UK
Subject Cyber Law



Discuss and critically analyze the statement below in a 3000-word essay. “Hidden algorithms can make (or ruin) reputations, decide the destiny of entrepreneurs, or even devastate an entire economy. Shrouded in secrecy and complexity, decisions at major Silicon Valley and Wall Street firms were long assumed to be neutral and technical.

But leaks, whistleblowers, and legal disputes have shed new light on automated judgment. Self-serving and reckless behavior is surprisingly common and easy to hide in code protected by legal and real secrecy. Even after billions of dollars of fines have been levied, underfunded regulators may have only scratched the surface of this troubling behavior.”

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General guideline:

Students are expected to examine the issue of internet governance. They need to explain the current state of the regulation and critically analyze the adequacy of the current regulation. The students will gain credit for the evidence of research in primary sources (including case law), for a careful explanation of the applicable legal rules and principles, for rigorous discussion and analysis of critical issues and for awareness of recent development in cyberspace regulation will also be awarded.

Students are expected to base their work on a study of a wide range of sources, including any relevant legislation, journal articles, policy papers, cases, and academic texts.

Students should include at the end of your essay a list of references of all sources consulted (not included in the word limit set out below) and adhere to the Bournemouth University citations guidelines for the law.

Students will be assessed according to the following criteria:

1. Knowledge and understanding (depth of research, evidenced as appropriate by footnotes/ endnotes);
2. Analytical Content (Analysis, Argumentation, and Evaluation);
3. The organization, Communication, and Presentation;
4. Referencing to Literature (including Bibliography).

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