How does the History of Internal Controls relate to the Selected Reading in the Treadway Commission Report: Investigations Assignment, ICI, US

University International Career Institute (ICI)
Subject Investigations


In a well-defined, thoughtful and referenced post, detail what you have found regarding this week’s reading and research on the history of internal controls.

While building your response, try answering the following as a synthesized approach.

  • How does the history of internal controls relate to the selected reading in the Treadway Commission Report?
  • What year was the report written? What significant events (regarding corporate fraud) have happened since then?
  • The selected reading in Treadway is on education, pause, think and evaluate current business education as it relates to this field.  I am looking for a very informative response.

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Your main post must be a minimum of 750 words, APA format (including online referencing) and must be fact-based, except in your concluding paragraph where you can form an opinion based on facts.

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