LAW121 Business and Corporate Law for Nabahat owner of a successful beauty salon and spa

Question 1

Nabahath owns a successful beauty salon and spa. She decided to expand her business premises and a few months ago she bought the adjoining premises which had been used as a news agent. She entered into a contract with Vishal, a builder, who agreed to convert the newsagents for MVR25, 000. Vishal agreed to start work on 1 May and said the job would take about six weeks. Nabahath agreed to pay Vishal MVR5, 000 on signing the contract with the next two installments of MVR10, 000 due on 1 June and on completion of the work. Advise Nabahath in each of the following alternative situations:

(a) Nabahath paid the first installment and Vishal started work on 1 May. On 13 May he told Nabahath that he had underestimated the cost of the work and was having difficulty finding the money to buy the materials he needed. Nabahath had taken a booking for a large group for 1 July and needed to have the work finished before then as the party could not be accommodated in the treatment rooms at her original premises. She said she would give Vishal an extra MVR3, 000 if he guaranteed to have the work done by the end of June. Vishal agreed. He finished the work on time and Nabahath paid the 2nd and 3rd instalments but has not paid the extra MVR3, 000. She wants to know if she can be made to pay this.

(b) Vishal started work on the conversion but shortly after receiving the second instalment on 1 June, he told Nabahath that he was currently working on too many other building projects and that he would not be able to complete the job. Nabahath engaged another builder who finished the work for MVR14, 000. She wants to know if she can claim compensation from Vishal and whether Vishal can recover any more money from her.

(c) Nabahath became concerned that Vishal’s workmanship was of poor quality. On 27 May, she decided not to pay him anything further and asked him to stop work in order that she could seek an alternative builder to complete the work satisfactorily. She wants to know if she is entitled to do this. If not, can Vishal claim any more money from her?

Question 2

Mifsaah, a Motorcycle seller, wishes to sell two used Motorcycle in his garage. A Six year old Harley Davidson Iron 883 and five year old Ducati SuperSport

To Six year old Harley Davidson Iron 883 he places an advertisement on the notice board of his local newsagent.

‘FOR SALE’- Six year old Harley Davidson Iron 883 in excellent condition. Will be sold to the first person who sends notice in writing that they wish to

buy it for MVR100, 000 to the following address: Hulhumale Flat 900-01-01, Republic of Maldives’

On Sunday evening, Ifaa, a newly qualified biker, posts a letter stating that she wants to buy Mifsaah’s Harley Davidson Iron 883 on Wednesday morning.

On Monday morning, Rifa, Ali’s acquaintance, passes the news agent’s on her way to work. She sees the advertisement and recognizes the address. On her arrival at work, she sends Mifsaah an email to the email address that he provided her with when they first met, two years ago, stating that she is willing to pay MVR100,000 for five year old Six year old Harley Davidson Iron 883. Mifsaah never receives the email, since he no longer uses computers or mobile phones.

On Tuesday evening Mifsaah meets his friend Rishfaan for dinner and over the course of the meal, Ali promises to sell Six year old Harley Davidson Iron 883 to Rishfaan for MVR50000.

  1. Advise Mifsaah as to whether he is contractually bound regarding selling Six year old Harley Davidson Iron 883 to Ifaa, Rifa and Rishfaan.

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