LD7164: Produce a Project Feasibility and Economics Report using a Selected Real-world Project: International Financial and Contractual Management Assignment, NU, UK

University Northumbria University (NU)
Subject LD7164: International Financial and Contractual Management

northumbria university

Assignment Brief:

1.1 Background information

You will produce a Project Feasibility and Economics report using a selected real-world project and scenarios. Over the 12 weeks of lectures and seminars, you will learn about a range of concepts, techniques, and methods for performing project appraisal, feasibility, and economics. These techniques and methods cover the whole project lifecycle of projects from the Concept phase through Development to Operation and Termination (Figure 1).

You will gain an understanding of

(1) the different facets of feasibility including financial, economic, environmental, and social feasibility;

(2) the different economic environments surrounding projects including, macro and microenvironments, and regulatory/legal environments, and finally

(3) stakeholder environments including the Sponsor, Professional, and Contracting environments.

You will produce a Project Feasibility and Economics report using a selected real-world

This individual assignment will assess the topics taught in the semester of this course. It has been designed to provide students with an opportunity to develop their ability for critical evaluation from theoretical and contextual perspectives.

This assignment will assess your knowledge and understanding of international project audit techniques and approaches and specifically focused on financial and contractual. There will be flexibility allowed in terms of both qualitative and quantitative approaches to analysis.

You will required to produce a 4000 word report about the economic feasibility of a given project which will apply the theories and concepts covered on the course. The focus of the report will be an evaluation of three project phases from pre-project, project execution to post project review.

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Learning outcomes:

1. Critically appraise differing economic perceptions of business organisations as clients/sponsors, professional advisors (independent practice), and contracting organizations relevant to demand, supply, costs and revenues and the operation of markets.

2. Critically review a range of concepts, techniques and methods for performing project appraisal and feasibility investigations across the whole project lifecycle of projects from the concept phase through development to operation and termination

3. Discuss the key elements of internationally recognised contracts, the laws of obligation, the fundamental aspects in their administration and aspects of dispute resolution.

Intellectual / Professional Skills & Abilities:

4. Recommend appropriate strategies for project selection and effective financial control in competition / collaboration; public/private sector interactions, and in the interpretation of economic data for resource forecasting.

Personal Values Attributes (Global / Cultural awareness, Ethics, Curiosity) (PVA):

5. Developing and reinforcing the ethical characteristics of a Northumbria graduate as you consider the values that underpin ethical approaches to project feasibility and justification. You will have the opportunity to reflect on how these are linked to your own values.

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