Managing Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity

Part   1   –   My Story: In the beginning.                            

Are you entrepreneurial, innovative and creative?

We want to know who you are? What environment are you coming from? Is your family entrepreneurial? What pre-entrepreneurial skills/traits and attributes are you bringing to the module? This section is the introduction to the report.

Part   2   –   Research   Questions.                                 

Please critically discuss the theme and issues using a broad range of credible sources. Use examples or case studies to illustrate your answer.

Theme   Topic   –   Organizations  /  Products.

People and Products: What lessons can we learn from the challenges of managing entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity in organizations today? 


Discussing the issues that are brought up will be an essential part of your final year study. What is the best way to approach this portion of the task?

Answer: Secondary research – reading recommended readings and articles suggested in class or those you have found yourself, on IBIS World and journals/resources using Discover password and E-Resources in SEGi Blackboard. Apply the theory to what you have learned throughout the module, based on the questions we ask (including your own) and areas you want to explore. We expect to see definitions! Therefore, have at least a few from different sources (that is each for entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity). All sources should be from credible academic sources and not from online dictionaries (for example, and or – you will get no marks if these are used). This section will come in good stead when you embark on the dissertation or research essay in subsequent years as stated.

When undertaking your secondary research (basically ask yourself the question who has written on this specific subject area? Do their views differ from other people? Are there any existing empirical studies/research? Note any hypothesis put forward? Do you understand what they are saying? Do you agree with what they are saying? – That is critique not criticize! What do you think, i.e., that is, what are your thoughts? Are there any practical examples that you can draw from? Why not discuss issues especially those that challenge your way of thinking or view of life? Please note your tutors expect current up to date references (unless when quoting a classic piece of research to make a point or introducing the topic area).

Part   3   –   The   Concept   Plan.                                      

In this section, we expect to see a pitch/analysis of viable business ideas or themes of your choice embodied in a concept plan (You are required to develop a concept plan based on an idea of your choice).


Figure 2 – Suggested Structure of Concept Plan  :

  1. Introduction – Business Concept and Opportunities.
  2. Objectives.
  3. Market Research – Primary and Secondary.
  4. Target Market / Customer.
  5. Marketing.
  6. Human Resource.
  7. Operations –  Using the Business Model Canvas.
  8. Legal Issues.
  9. Financial.
  10. Risks, Contingency, and Exit Strategies.
  11. Other issues.
  12. References.
  13. Appendices and other supporting documents.

This is not a fully-fledged business plan, but the ideas and approach are the same, ensuring that the idea and concepts are clear. Do you agree that before you get an idea or business off the ground, you should first develop a viable concept?  Ideas/concepts fail due to poor research and not thinking through basic business issues and appropriate controls.

Part   4   –   References,  Bibliography  &  Supporting  Documents.

All work needs to be referenced using the Harvard Referencing System. Online sources should have dates stating when “accessed.” This section will also have supporting documents relevant and appropriate to the portfolio. You should cross-reference any content in the main document back to documents in this section.


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