ME5522: Provide Knowledge and Awareness of Energy Evaluation Techniques and Analysis For Company: Environmental Legislation Assignment, BUL, UK

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University Brunel University London (BUL)
Subject ME5522: Environmental Legislation

Assessment Title-  ME5522:Energy Evaluation of Company A with Recommendations of GHG Emissions Reduction

To provide knowledge and awareness of energy evaluation techniques and analysis for company according to the current EU regulations and guidelines with recommendations to reduce GHG emissions.

Students are asked to carry out an energy evaluation of Company A located near Ancona, Italy. The company is interested in improving of the energy use/ source and is committed to reduce GHG emissions of 100% (compared to 1990 levels) by 2050. As a result, the company proposed a new idea of Leaf Community (Figure 1) in order to create an environmentally sustainable integrated community with zero-carbon emissions. In 2016, the company generated 40% of the total electricity use from the own renewable sources (solar and hydropower) while 60% of the electricity was
provided by the microgrid (ENEL), which controls the whole community. According to ENEL, only 43% of their energy production was carbon free. You are provided with layout of the company (Figure 1) and data for the energy production for 2016 (available at ME5522/ BBL/ Assignment 2).

You are asked to carry out analyses of the data provided and propose practical improvements to the energy improvements of the company and reduction of GHG emissions. It is recommended to use Energy management or Life cycle assessment software but it is not compulsory.

Demonstrate an understanding of main elements of relevant energy management and current legislation.
Use energy analysis methods to examine the energy use of the company.
Show an ability to analyse data to provide recommendations for improvement in the energy use
Present results concisely in an oral presentation and a written report

The marking criteria for the assignment are the following:
1. Description of current legislation for energy management, obligations, incentives and benefits for businesses
2. Description of the examined company and its energy use
3. Analysis and discussion of the results of energy use for the examined company
4. Recommendations for energy use improvements, cost saving and GHG emissions reduction: these should be the result of calculations to consider energy use and associated costs and GHG emissions –

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