MGMT 496: Strategic Analysis of Context Logic. Inc company: Strategic Management Assignment, VU, Canada

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University VU – Victoria University
Subject MGMT496: Strategic Management

This is a 6-8 page individual strategic analysis of an actual company. Use the outline below to format and structure your paper. Your paper should have a title page and a table of contents. Use 1.5 line spacing, 11 point font. Refer to the course outline and the VIU writing center guidelines for further expected norms.

For this assignment, you select your own company. Go to the IPO Filings list, search through the calendar, and find a company that you want to use for your analysis. you click on the company code you see a button for “Financials and Findings. There you will be able to find the most recent B424 filing or the most recent S-1 or S-1A filing. Send the company name and a link to the SEC filing to your instructor for approval. Each student must analyze a company that no other student is using for this assignment. The choice of companies is on a “first-come” basis, pending approval by the instructor.

External Analysis

  • What is the focal firm’s industry?
  • Identify and explain all relevant dominant economic industry characteristics?
  • Analyze Porter’s 5 Forces
    (for each force, give the force strength and identify all relevant reasons for the force strength
  • Identify and explain the primary drivers of competitive dynamics for this industry.
  • Identify all relevant factors that lead to success in this industry.
  • Summarize whether or not you think this is an attractive industry.

Internal Analysis

  • What is the firm’s generic strategy?
  • Identify all of the firm’s (be specific and provide all relevant details)
    1. Key resources
    2. Key capabilities
    3. Core competency
  • Explain whether or not the firm’s core competency gives the company a competitive advantage?
  • What potential ethical issues may arise for this organization? How do you think it may act?

What opportunities or threats exist (at present and in the future) for this organization?

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