NUT3231-Required to write a Summary of your Findings Based on the Argument that you Presented in the Debate Food habit and Trend Assignment ECU, Australia

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University Edith Cowan University (ECU)
Subject NUT3231-Food habit and Trend

PART A- Debate presentation: Group task

Refer to Blackboard>Assessment 2, for more details as to the format of the debate and the content inclusion for each speaker. Your debate will be recorded and assessed and your marks will reflect your individual presentation skills and the logic and cohesiveness of the group’s position. You will be awarded a mark for your contribution to the team by the other team members.

PART B -Summary: Individual task

This component of the assessment is to be completed independently. You will be required to write a summary of your findings based on the argument that you presented in the debate. The summary report should be no more than 1200 words (excluding references) and outline the;

  •  Background
  • Arguments — affirmative/negative
  • Conclusion including one recommendation for action.
  1. Please refer to Blackboard > Assessment > Assessment 1 Marking Guidelines/Rubric
  2. Feedback will be available via Blackboard > My Grades

Part C Summary Report and Teamwork

A written summary of your findings based on your topic, team position, and speaker number, is required. The summary report should be no more than 1200 words (excluding the reference list page), size 12 font, Times New
Roman, 1.5 line spacing and outline the;
The background should provide an overview of the current state of affairs/situation for your topic and give context to the issue from a human and planetary health perspective.

Arguments – for/against
Based on the background information, you are required to describe the issues that relate to your team’s position {are you representing the food industry, farmers, government, consumers, etc.) and in particular the main points that you will utilize in your debate component to argue for your side. This will require thoughtful consideration as to how to present scientific evidence in a way that supports your position objectively.
The conclusion should summarise the key points and make one recommendation that will ensure long term change
to support your stance.
The summary report should be submitted by midnight the night before your presentation via Turnitin. Instructions
for submission are under the Assessments tab on Blackboard.
Teamwork mark
You will need to submit a teamwork mark for each of your team members using the team member score sheet on the following page. You are only required to allocate marks to the TWO team members on your side of the argument.
Check that you have considered the following points before submission:
Academic writing and referencing

  •  Have you used formal academic English?
  • Have you written In grammatically correct sentences?
  • Are your spelling and punctuation correct?
  • Have you used paragraphs properly (one key idea per paragraph with supporting evidence)?
  • Is your work logical and cohesive? Is there a clear narrative/line of argument?
  • Have you referenced all your sources using the current APA style?
  •  Have you adhered to the word limit (1,200 words +/- 10%)?


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Looking for Plagiarism free Answers for your US, UK, Singapore college/ university Assignments.

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