PAM005: Critically Evaluate, with the Use of Examples, the Relationship Between Transfer Pricing and Performance Measures:Strategic Performance Management, Coursework, UoL, UK

University University of London (UoL) UK
Subject PAM005: Strategic Performance Management

Critically evaluate, with the use of examples, the relationship between transfer pricing and performance measures.

This is a research piece and will therefore require you to investigate evidence of links between performance management/measurement and transfer pricing. It is expected that your evaluation will also explore any conflict brought about by the use of transfer pricing, in particular, any behavioural aspects (including motivation) and how these could potentially impact performance measurement. The course work is to be written in the“style” of an academic journal artic and must be referenced accordingly. You are expected to provide examples to illustrate your evaluation.

A performance management system acts as a guide for the day-to-day activities of managers. In doing so it also assesses the performance of the organisation and its managers.

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