Provide an Overview of the Topic and the Impact: Terrorist Financing Investigations Term Paper, ICI, US

University International Career Institute (ICI)
Subject Investigations

Terrorist Financing (topics for a term paper)

1. Provide an overview of the topic and the impact it has on money laundering. (i.e. How do criminals launder funds obtained from the activity?)

2. Discuss what financial institutions and the national and internal communities have done to address it. Be specific.

3. Discuss the red flags that are indicative of the activity.

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4. How have financial trained employees to identify such activity?

5. What challenges exist for financial institutions and law enforcement when attempting to combat this activity?

6. Analyze a case study that applies to your topic. This case study should illustrate the mistakes made by financial institutions when addressing your topic and what regulatory measures were implemented. How did this case impact future cases and investigative techniques?

7. What are your recommendations for how financial institutions and law enforcement should address your topic in the future? What challenges do you think they will encounter?

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