Required to follow the Journal Article Digital Curation and Preservation Assignment : Psychology Assignment AU, Canada

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University Athabasca University(AU)
Subject Psychology

Assignment 1: Journal Article Critique


You are required to complete a journal article critique based on an article in the list below. This assignment is designed to help you read a research article correctly and efficiently and to practice using APA Style. These skills will be valuable in completing the research paper later in the course.

You are required to follow the Journal Article Critique Template provided, which includes the headings required, the questions that you must address, and formatting instructions. Your report must be in narrative (paragraph) form.

NOTE: The critique must be an original work: that is, not copied from someone else, and not used in this course in a previous registration or in any other course taken at Athabasca University or elsewhere. Otherwise, this constitutes plagiarism and academic misconduct.

You will not be permitted to re-write your journal article critique, so please follow the instructions carefully. Weiten and McCann (2013) give an excellent introduction to journal articles and to APA Style in Chapter 2, pages 77-78.

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For this assignment, you must choose one of the following articles:

NOTE: If you choose one of the articles listed below, no further approval is required. If you have an outside article [i.e., not on the list] that you would like to critique, you must submit the article or provide the particulars to your tutor for approval first – it must pertain to Chapter 1 content. Approval is at the tutor’s discretion. If you submit an unapproved outside article critique, it will not be marked and you will receive a zero ‘0’ on the assignment.

Journal Article Critique Template

  1. Research Question or Problem

Ask yourself, “Is the question or problem clearly stated?” State the question or problem in your own words.

  1. Introduction

The introduction of a research article presents an overview of the problem studied in the research. Ask yourself, “Is there a review of the literature related to the problem or question?” “How many references are cited?” Review and summarize the research (e.g., theories and previous research) in your own words. Cite all sources.

  1. Methodology

The methods section of a research article should be detailed enough to permit another researcher to attempt to replicate the study. Ask yourself, “Does the researcher explain the methods used in the study?” “Who or what was the population studied?” “How were they selected?” “What did the participants do for the study?” “What instruments were used to gather data?” Paraphrase the methodology in your own words and cite from the article using APA Style.

NOTE: Paraphrasing involves restating another writer’s text, explanation, argument, or narrative in your own words. Paraphrased material may be similar in length to the original text, but is substantially different in wording and sentence structure. A paraphrase is considered an indirect quote, so it does not require quotation marks. However, it must be attributed/cited to the original source. For purposes of this assignment, include page numbers, or, where applicable, paragraph citations.

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  1. Results

The results section of a research article reports the raw data and statistical analysis obtained in the study. Ask yourself, “Are the results clearly stated and understandable?” “Did the results answer the question or clarify the hypothesis?” “Are there tables or graphs?” Paraphrase the results in your own words and cite from the article using APA Style.

  1. Discussion/Conclusions

The discussion section of a research article includes the conclusions drawn by the author(s). Ask yourself, “Are the results discussed?” “Are there suggestions for practical implications?” “Are there recommendations for further research?” Write your answers to these questions in your own words and cite from the article using APA Style.

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