Search the Web to Learn as much as possible about IDEA: Accounting and Information System Assignment, MIT, US

University Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) USA
Subject Accounting and Information System


1. Search the Web to learn as much as possible about IDEA. In your own words, state the advantages and disadvantages of using IDEA in a large corporation and a small family-owned mom and pop shop. You may want to structure your answer in a table.

Large Corporation
Small Mom & Pop Shop

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2. Once you feel confident you fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of IDEA for both large and small businesses, identify at least two competitive data analytic products. Considering large corporations only, compare and contrast IDEA with both of the competitive products you identified. You may want to structure your answer in a table. Note: you will copy what you prepared for IDEA from question 1 into this second table.


Note: Students working toward the MSAS degree will also learn how to use ACL, another data analytics software program. Thus, MSAS students should include ACL as one of the competitive products to answer this question.

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