Select a Live Business of Your Choice Whether It be a Small, Large, Family Business: Entrepreneurship Report, OU, UK

University The Open University (OU)
Subject Entrepreneurship

Assignment Question

Select a live business of your choice whether it be a small, large, family business, or a social enterprise, and then critically discuss its contribution to the economy and society by throwing light on its survival during the recent global issue (Coronavirus).

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Essay Structure and Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Table of Content
  3. Introduction
  • Define and explain what is meant by entrepreneurship.
  • Give a brief overview of the organisation (Note: an organisation profile must be included in your submission as “Appendix 1”)
  • Explain the structure of the essay
  • The introductory section should not be less than 250 words
  1. Main Body
  1. About the Entrepreneur (or group of entrepreneurs) who was Behind the Organisation- about 1,000 words
    • Critically discuss the personality traits of the entrepreneurs
    • How did the entrepreneur recognize the opportunity or did the entrepreneur create the opportunity?
    • What are the innovative products/services introduced in the market? Discuss why innovation is important for an organization.
  1. About the Entrepreneurial Organisation- about 8,00 words
    • How did the entrepreneur build the entrepreneurial team?
    • Explain the entrepreneur’s role as a leader and what it takes to become a successful leader
    • How did the entrepreneur grow the business (if it is a large organization)? You can include the role of family members, gender differences if it is necessary.
  1. About Contribution to the Economy and Society- about 1,200 words
    • Discuss and evaluate the contribution to the economy, i.e., job creation, new product innovation, wealth creation, etc.
    • Evaluate the survival issues (due to the global pandemic)
  1. Conclusion and Recommendations (if any)- about 200-250 words

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