SOCIO4069: Using the Data given in Class Write an Account of How Changes in Birth and Death Rates over the Last 150 years: Sociology of Health and Illness Coursework, UOG, UK

University University of Glasgow(UOG)
Subject SOCIO4069: Sociology of Health and Illness

Assignment Brief:

Using the data given in class write an account of how changes in birth and death rates over the last 150 years, have had an effect on family structure and gender roles.

The question is not about what caused the changes but the effect the following 5 factors have had on family structure and gender roles

  1. Since 1851 number of deaths per 1000 pop per year has reduced by 50%
  2. Since 1851 average Life Expectancy has doubled
  3. Since 1851 Fertility Rate has dropped by 50%
  4. Women are waiting until they are older to have children
  5. Infant Mortality has reduced significantly since 1950

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