Special Needs Assisting 6 assignment questions for Ireland students


Section 1: 5 Marks Outline of Special Needs Provision in Ireland. Swan (2000) describes the progression of special needs education in Ireland in three phases 1.The era of Neglect and Denial 2.The era of Special Needs Education 3.The era of Integration and Inclusion You are required to research, explore and discuss each of the three ‘eras’ identified by Swan making reference to: 1.The role of religious orders in the care and education of children with special needs, 2.Institutional care 4.First inspectorate for special education (1959) 5.Development of special schools 6.Development of special classes in mainstream schools 7.Report of the special education review committee 1938. The White Paper on Education, “Charting our Educational Future”1995.

Section 2: 15 Marks This section of your project requests that you explore the education/ childcare sector in an Irish context. You are required to outline 1.The education/ childcare sector with regard to provision for special educational needs 2.Government influences on the sector e.g.policy on inclusion & integration and funding. 3.The role and responsibilities of a Special Needs Assistant with relevant examples 4.The skills that aid the teacher and how the Special Needs Assistant supports the teacher’s role in the school.

Section 3: 5 Marks Outline current legislation relating to special needs education in Ireland in order to demonstrate your understanding and application of same in relation to your role as an SNA. You are required to outline each act and examine how they apply in practice with examples; The Education Act 1998 The National Disability Authority Act1 999 The Education Welfare Act 2000 The Equal Status Act 2000 The Education for Persons with Special Needs Act 2004

Section 4:10 Marks This section of your project requires you to evaluate the findings of your project pieces 1,2, 3 and draw together logical conclusions with an emphasis on the following: The policy changes that led toward integration and inclusion The shift in attitudes with reference to the social and medical models of disability The value of a inclusive education and integration policies

Section 5 :15 Marks This piece of your project requires you to demonstrate your ability to reflect and offer your views and opinions.You are required to. Outline the value of significant National policies and pieces of legislation Make recommendations to improve special needs provision in Ireland relating to gaps in current legislation and policy Give appropriate links to International policy in relation to children with special needs to justify policies With your new understanding of policy and legislation reflect on your attitudes, values, beliefs and assumptions


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