“Crude Cycle”- Programming Assignment Help

Question 1
1.1  Explain Multiple Document Interface (MDI) and give TWO advantages this interface provides in programming.
1.2 Based on your experience in programming so far, discuss what the following terms mean:
1.2.1 Database
1.2.2 DBMS
1.2.3 Database instance
1.2.4 MySQL Workbench
1.3 Explain what GlassFish is and how to check if glassfish is enabled in NetBeans IDE.
1.4 Briefly describe the Query execution cycle
1.5 Database technology is based on the “CRUD” cycle. What does the acronym CRUD stand for?

Question 2
2.1) Write a Graphic User Interface (GUI) program that uses a Multiple Documents Interface (MDI), to calculate depreciation of an asset using straight-line depreciation and Declining Balance Method. Your GUI must use Multiple Document Interface (MDI) Must have a menu bar with File and Depreciation menus Under the File menu, there must be an Exit option. Under Depreciation menu, there must be Straight-Line Method and
Declining Balance Method options.


2.2) When the user clicks the Straight-Line Method option, the program must popup a Straight Line Depreciation internal window as shown in Figure 2, where the user can enter
2.2.1 Cost of the Asset
2.2.2 Estimated Salvage Value
2.2.3 Life of the Asset.
2.2.4 When you click the calculate button the program must be able to calculate and return the following: (see Figure 3). Total Depreciation Cost Annual Depreciable Amount Depreciation Rate

Example: Company A purchases a machine for R100,000 with an estimated salvage value of R20,000 and a useful life of 5 years.

The straight-line depreciation for the machine would be calculated as follows:
1. Cost of the asset: R100,000
2. Cost of the asset – Estimated salvage value: R100,000 – R20,000 = R80,000 total depreciable cost
3. The useful life of the asset: 5 years
4. Divide step (2) by step (3): R80,000 / 5 years = R16,000 annual depreciation amount

Therefore, Company A would depreciate the machine at the amount of R16,000 annually for 5 years.

Example calculations in the GUI

2.3) When the user clicks the Declining Balance Method option, the program must popup a Declining Balance Method internal window as shown in Figure 4, where the user can enter
2.3.1 Asset Cost Amount.
2.3.2 Residual Value.
2.3.3 Useful life.
2.3.4 Depreciation rate.

2.3.5 When you click the calculate button, the program must be able to calculate the value(s) of the asset at the end of each year throughout the entire life span of the asset. The value(s) must be displayed in the text area as shown in the following example

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