The Highway Agency Manages Many Maintenance Facilities Throughout: Project Management Assignment, BU, UK

University Bournemouth University (BU) – UK
Subject Project Management


Generator installation Project

The Highway Agency manages many maintenance facilities throughout the Country to provide repairs and preventative maintenance to motorway and trunk roads.  One of these maintenance facilities is located in Essex and requires a new generator. To accomplish the objectives of this project, the Agency is looking to appoint a Project manager to coordinate the works of consultants and contractors to the completion of the project as described in this Scope of Work.

The old generator and equipment will have to be removed and disposed of by the contractor. The generator will be replaced with a larger outside, weatherproof, natural gas unit.  The Highway Agency has specified that the new generator shall be large enough to accommodate 100% of the building electrical loads to back up as much equipment as necessary.  The anticipated size of the new generator will be 150 or 200KW.  The electric and natural gas service will have to be rerouted to the new generator location.

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Work scope

  • Old Generator and Equipment Removal: Remove existing indoor generator, 400A transfer switch, and all power/control conductors. Remove 4’ x 4’ air intake dampers, generator exhaust ducts and remove or weatherproof wall louvers and exhaust pipe through roof. Repair roof openings.  Remove natural gas line into the building.
  • New Generator Pad: Design and Construction of a concrete pad for the new generator. This will require geotechnical testing which would include soil borings and a geotechnical report.
  • New Generator and Switchgear: including evaluating the existing electrical distribution system and normal power interface and identifying all of the systems to be backed up. Design and installation of the new generator with the weatherproof enclosure to provide backup power to 100% of building electrical loads.
  • Provide all power and control wiring for the new generator including underground routing to the new outdoor generator location. The Consultant will coordinate with the utility company regarding changes to gas service.
  • Equipment Tests: The design documents shall include detailed test requirements of the new equipment and systems. The Contractor and a certified testing lab shall perform operational tests of the completed installation to certify their proper operation.
  • Spare Parts: A critical spare parts list shall be prepared for all appropriate items and purchased as part of this project. This shall include provisions for the manufacture/ vendor of the equipment to provide critical spare and maintenance parts as part of this project.

Planned activities



Activity description Duration (Weeks)Predecessor
AInitial design, costing and approval8
BFinal design and approval5A
CPermit Application7B
DTender preparations5A,B
EBidding phase7B,C,D
FImplementation Phase18C,E
GCreate User Manual8F
HTest Phase4F
IUser Training4G,H

Task 1

Due to the importance of this project, the client (Highway Agency) wants to ensure that the project is successful. As a result of this need, you have been assigned to this new project as the ‘Project Manager’. As a Project Manager, you are required to do the following:

  • develop a ‘Risk Log’ for the 5 possible risks that you must closely control throughout the project, explain your assumptions for probabilities and impacts used
  • Produce the network diagram for the project (Activities A –I)
  • Indicate the critical path
  • Indicate the float for each activity
  • Write a commentary on the likely impact of a 3-week delay in finalizing permit applications, ‘activity C’.

Task 2

As an industry leader, Rolls-Royce plans to develop state-of-the-art turbofan aircraft engines for the commercial aviation industry. The project will develop new technologies with the potential for high volume production that is capable of delivering benchmark performance in terms of cost, weight, and sustainable use of materials.

Analyse the techniques you would use to manage potential risks associated with a project of this magnitude.

Presentation of the report

The correctness of grammar and spellings would be checked. Also, the discussions and assertions should be backed/supported with relevant sources. Finally, Harvard referencing must be properly used throughout. It is important to paraphrase properly to avoid “plagiarism.

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