To Critically Evaluate and Synthesis Theories of Cultural Difference with Reference: Cross Cultural Management Essay, UCL, UK

University University College London (UCL)
Subject Cross Cultural Management

Essay Questions:

Question No.1

To critically evaluate and synthesis theories of cultural difference with reference to their impact on international management.

Note: Comprehensively and excellent critical literature review and synthesis of cultural differences theories in the given nations, with significant evidence, presented demonstrating only minor gaps in understanding of cross-cultural models and evaluation of the ease of use for managers; excellent skills in using visual tools to present interesting insights of the applications of cross-cultural models to the given nations and ability to evaluate the cultural impact on international management in the contexts discussed; Excellently rehearsed presentation and no presentation errors (either in design or delivery).

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Question No.2

To critically evaluate the applicability of management theory to specific cultural contexts.

Note: The management theories are evaluated and synthesized of the existing body of knowledge and literature, related to topics chosen and case study contexts, and relevant national cultures with a good range of academic sources and other materials. The team presents an excellent and highly professional and credible set of options and recommendations when providing applications to case study contexts and group experiences in the given cultural contexts. Demonstrate an excellent understanding of the key management theories and chosen topics, and its applications to the case contexts. Excellently rehearsed presentation and no presentation errors (either in design or delivery).

Question No.3

To critically examine and select appropriate management styles for specific cultural contexts.

Note: Excellent critical literature review related to topics, management theories on leadership or negotiation, and conflict resolution styles within relevant national cultures, using a very good range of academic sources and other material. Applications presented in full of group experience in the given cultural contexts, though cross-cultural issues discussion might be slightly weak. Excellent full referencing for all sources used in full Harvard style with no discernible errors. Excellent essay style is written in excellent English in terms of written style, free from errors of grammar, spelling, and punctuation, articulating the appropriate management styles for specific cultural context logically.

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