TU366/1: Choose Any Private or Public Company and Obtain the Financial Statements: Finance for Strategic Decision Making Assignment, TUD, Ireland

University Technological University Dublin (TUD)
Subject TU366/1: Finance for Strategic Decision Making

Task Details:

Choose any private or public company and obtain the financial statements or annual reports for two years. Some of the annual reports will be over a hundred pages long, do not be daunted by this. Only a small amount of information from these reports will be required for this assignment.

Go to the contents page of the annual report and see the pages that the financial statements are located at. Skip to these pages and print the Income Statement and the Balance Sheet (known also as the Statement of Financial Position). Add these pages to your assignment. These are the only pages, which will need to be added to the annual report.

The analysis is to be done on EXCEL. You should first copy the data from Income Statement and the Balance Sheet into EXCEL and then perform the analysis.

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Perform the following tasks listed below:

  1. Apply the ratios as per slides to the Income Statement and the Balance Sheet (Statement of Financial Position) over 2 years. You may want to find the financial ratios from the following headings:
  • Profitability
  • Efficiency
  • Liquidity
  • Financial Strength/ Gearing
  • Investment

(You may use other RELEVANT ratios)

  1. Compare and contrast the financial ratios for the company from the point of view of any two stakeholders (example: shareholders, bank, suppliers, customers, etc.).
  2. Research the company on their website, use articles from the national print media, in your own words, give an overview of the business activities and financial performance of the company, and also summarizes with reference to the past performance what you think the future holds (future performance) for the company and if they may need to make contingency plans for future shocks.
  3. Written Report, Appendix and Bibliography

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