Unit 11: Consider that You have Recently been Appointed as a Business Researcher: Research Project Assignment, KU, UK

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University Kingston University (KU) London
Subject Unit 11: Research Project


Consider that you have recently been appointed as a business researcher. You are required to fulfil the following activities in a research report format which also includes a personal reflective statement.

The assignment requires that you undertake a research project related to Equality and diversity in the workplace in your chosen organisation. (an organisation of your choice – or your own place of work if appropriate).

The unit addresses the elements that make up formal research including the research proposal, literature review, a variety of research methodologies, ethical considerations, carrying out the research itself, and presenting the findings.

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To complete the unit satisfactorily, you will be required to identify a specific research topic. Some examples of possible research topics are:

  • Behaviours that support equality and diversity in the workplace
  • Managing cultural diversity in the workplace
  • Gender equality in leadership and management
  • Workplace discrimination
  • The work-life balance and enrichment experiences

Your topic choice will enable you to write a research proposal – identifying the research aim and objectives necessary to address your research question. Your research proposal will need to include a list of relevant literature sources that supports and justifies your research objectives. The aim of the research project is to plan, collect and analyze relevant data related to the research question identified using appropriate sources (secondary and primary) before presenting the findings in a research report and personal reflective statement.

You must carry out and conduct the whole research project yourself to demonstrate independent inquiry and critical analysis and evaluation. Your research proposal must be approved by your tutor before starting your research project.

LO1 (Activity 1)   

Conductappropriateresearchmethodologywhichintegratesknowledge into the research process.

Based upon a topic for equality and diversity in the work place in your chosen organisation, produce a research proposal outlining the specific aim and objectives that need to be addressed to answer a specific research question.

LO2 (Activity 2)

Conduct and analyze research relevant to a chosen business research project.

LO3 (Activity 3)

Communicate the outcomes of a research project to identified stakeholders.

LO4 (Activity 4)

Reflect on the application of research methodologies and concepts.

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