You are a Junior Consultant Working for an International Investment Organisation: International Trade & Finance Investment Assignment, UWL, UK

IntroductionWe have introduced UWLFlex – our new, online, flexible learning platform. UWLFlex has been designed to complement face-to-face learning and build on our reputation for excellence in
| George Orwell | 1st Dec 2020

You are Provided with the Trial Balance with Notes for Cherry Hotels Ltd: Introduction to Accounting & Finance Assignment, UWL, UK

TASK 1You are provided with the trial balance with notes for Cherry Hotels Ltd as of 30 September 2020.You are requested to construct the appropriate final accounts for the year ended 30 Septe
| George Orwell | 28th Nov 2020

FMP101: The End of the High Street as We Know It?: Fashion Promotion Landscape Assignment, UWL, UK

Learning OutcomesLO1 Utilise a range of research techniques within the area of fashion promotion and marketing (Enquiry)L02 Demonstrate the ability to analyse data and information (Knowledge)
| George Orwell | 18th Nov 2020

CP70044E: A UK-wide Enterprise in Taxation Management with Its Head Office in Leatherhead SURREY: Security Operations & Assurance Assignment, UWL, UK

Assignment 1:Wireshark has two ways of filtering traffic, and (unfortunately) two different languages for specifying the filters. One language and GUI element specify which captured packets to dis
| George Orwell | 11th Nov 2020

You are a Self-Employed Dietitian who has a New Workstream which is to make recommendations: Nutrition Assignment, UWL, UK

Learning Outcomes: The written report is designed so that you can meet the following module learning outcomes:Appraise differing methods of institutional foodservice Determine the financial
| George Orwell | 22nd Apr 2020

Illustrate the Planning and Feasibility Study for the Chosen Project with Evidence: Maintenance Management Dissertation, UWL, UK

Assignment 1: Literature review and research design Report Learning OutcomesIllustrate the planning and feasibility study for the chosen project with evidence of its implementation and investig
| George Orwell | 24th Mar 2020
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