What Dilemmas does Erin face: Ethics and law Case Study Assignment, UFV, Canada

University University of the Fraser Valley (UFV)- Canada
Subject Ethics and law

Assignment  Details

1. What dilemmas does Erin face?

2. What are the alternatives available to Erin?

3. Can Erin meet the standards and adhere to the policies of the institution?

4. What role does James have in ensuring accountable and competent care?

5. If something adverse happens to any patient on this shift, as a result of not adhering to policies and standards, who should be responsible?

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6. Do institutions have a role in ensuring competent, safe, and accountable care? If so what is their role?

7. Is there any way that Erin can meet the standard of accountability, with James’s advice?

8. What would you do? How would you feel in this situation?

9. What are the ethical implications for the institution, James, and Erin?

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