Write an Individual Report Exploring the Effects of Leadership Styles and Skills: Management and Leadership Assignment, HSBA, Germany

University Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA)
Subject Management and Leadership

Assessment Description

Write an individual report exploring the effects of leadership styles and skills on teams and organisational objectives in a chosen case study. This may be the organisation that you work for or another organisation that you know well or are interested in and can find relevant information about.

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Assessment guidance

The report should address the following tasks:

  • With the support of the theory, analyse various leadership styles and practices employed by managers and leaders in different situations in the chosen organisation.
  • Critically examine the prevailing leadership styles in the context of organisational objectives. Discuss how the leaders can establish a culture of professionalism, the balance of skills and experience, mutual trust, respect and support within their teams, as well as support and develop their teams’ understanding of the organisation’s direction.
  • Critically analyse the organisation’s ethical and value-based approach to leadership. Through this analysis, examine the impact of culture and values; legal, regulatory and ethical requirements; and stakeholder needs and expectations on leadership in the organisation.
  • The report must be written and presented in a professional way, with the use of appropriate theoretical terminology, high standard of writing, grammar and academic referencing, including in-text citations and the Reference list.
  • Remember to provide a wide range of evidence to support your judgement throughout the report; this must include relevant theoretical models and frameworks covered in this module and wider.

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