You are a Teacher Explaining to an Adult Education Class Why It’s Important: English Assignment, CU, Canada

University Carleton University (CU) Canada
Subject English

Assignment Brief:

You are a teacher explaining to an adult education class why it’s important to study the media. As the teacher, what would you tell your students? Studying media does not mean watching or using media. Studying media refers to learning about how media is created, why it is created, who it is created for, how it affects adults/children/men/women etc.

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For example, when composing your answer consider whether you think it is important for children to learn the truth behind so-called ‘beauty perfection’ in the media? Make a strong case for learning about the media based on the information you have read or researched but do not simply cut and paste (because I’ll know!).

Use the knowledge you’ve gained but express how you feel about the importance of becoming media literate. Include the following in your answer: Three compelling arguments (with supporting details). An example of a mass media product or mass media story to support each argument (Products can be names of films, newspapers, music videos, or TV shows.) An effective title.

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