You will Evaluate FinCEN’s 2014 Investigation of JPMC and the Bank’s – Investigations Essay, U.S.

JPMC Case Study

You will evaluate FinCEN’s 2014 investigation of JPMC and the bank’s failure to detect and adequately report suspicious transactions arising from Bernard Madoff’s fraud scheme. See the indictment below.

JPMorgan Chase Bank Indictment

Write a 3-4 page assessment addressing the following:

  • Describe Madoff’s fraud scheme. What methods did he use? How was it successful?
  • What activity would have triggered red flags? Describe the transactional activity.
  • Assess the failures of JPMC to report such activity.
  • Now that you understand the role of AML/Compliance Programs, discuss the measures JPMC should have taken to address the suspicious activity.
  • What recommendations do you have for financial institutions who may experience similar large investment schemes conducted by their customers?

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